4 Things to Do While Traveling Qatar

The tourism of Qatar has witnessed a huge explosion of tourists in recent years. It’s not more than a decade that globetrotters from around the world are flocking towards the middle-eastern countries.

Since, Dubai is the center of attraction and welcomes a huge gathering of tourists, so a large portion of the tourists prefers visiting the other countries too along with Dubai. After discovering the hidden gem of Qatar, tourists have realized that it is the best-kept secret of middle-east.

A few years ago, the skyline of Qatar was a desolately blank picture. The once isolated country has now the largest skyscrapers towering around the cities of Qatar.

The barren land had long gone and in its place, proudly standing Doha, a bustling new age metropolis on the cusp of international greatness.

Whenever you are in middle-east, you shouldn’t miss visiting Qatar. You will be privileged by the best sites in Qatar.

4 Things to Do While Traveling Qatar

The Museum of Islamic Art

Reminiscent the rich history and culture of Qatar at the Museum of Islamic Art, as it is the paradise for cultural vulture. With galleries featuring ancient artifact retrieved from all across the region, the museum is the illustration of Islamic art, culture, and history. Well-preserved remnants from Damascan palaces and even war relics from Turkey, this place is all about antiques.

Make a private beachfront

The coastline of Doha is a long one and you can escape to a private beachfront resort. Outside Doha, the desert stretches on for miles and there’s no dead end. The cabanas there although looks rustic, but they are so posh that you can’t resist yourself from taking resort there for a few seconds, few minutes, few hours, few days and the counting goes on.

Bash through dunes

When in a desert nation like Qatar, you can’t restrain yourself from having a dose of desert adventure. Imagine yourself crashing through the huge sand dunes in a roaring dune buggy. Dune buggies promise you an undeniable exhilarating experience, the bumpy rides wholly depends on the mercy of your driver.

A dinner up in the sky

Though Qatar is a complete pack of both foodie aficionados and adrenaline junkies, so it has combined them both, which will offer you a lifetime experience and memory to be reminiscent forever. If you haven’t ever eaten a relishing meal dangling 100ft up in the sky from a precarious crane, then do it when you are in Doha. You must have to be the lucky one to experience this amazing dinner, as they offer the chance only in an international food festival that occurs annually.

Qatar and most regions of the middle-east remain unexplored. Qatar is on the edge of tomorrow.  Whenever one gets an opportunity to visit the middle33-eastern regions, especially Qatar, the person shouldn’t ignore it. Before summer hits the earth, pack your bag and contact a Qatar tourist visa agent to open the door to Qatar.

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