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4 Ways To Optimize Facebook Ads Campaign

Optimize Facebook Ads Campaign:

As the estimation goes more than 2.2 billion people are using Facebook. Thus, there’s no denying the fact that Facebook is the main marketing platform for every business.

However, Facebook algorithms are changing at a rapid pace which makes it a challenge for businesses to connect organically with their customers. This is where Facebook ads come to the scene.

It is comprised of micro-targeting features bifurcated into location, demographics, interests, and behaviors allowing businesses to reach their exact target base.

You can always reach out to the people who are willing to purchase your products or services since Facebook provides a detailed view of its user’s personal statistics such as education level, relationship status and so on.

The entire concept of marketing has witnessed a radical change in the last few years, with traditional marketing techniques no longer bearing fruits.

With various channels coming to the scene it has become really difficult to select the right marketing strategy. The best and increasingly attractive option among all these is to buy Facebook ads.

They are the best option to reach your target audience, advertising on Facebook can fetch you the best return on investment.

Eg: If you have Construction company in Bangalore then you can create one Facebook page and share all your previous interior work and get more customers on Facebook and convert them into your client.

optimize facebook ads campaign

Few tips on how to optimize facebook ads campaign:

⇒  Always keep your bids optimized

Whenever thinking about the improvement in Facebook ads, most of us often conclude that changing the format of the ad, the text or the audience is enough. Yes, they sometimes give good results, but they are not the ultimate factors.

There are many more things that need to be taken care of. If you want to stand out of your competitors, not only great designs and catchy texts are enough for you.

There are many examples of the best ad campaigns failing to fetch results as a result of poor bidding strategy. Always remember that while running ad campaign you are competing with thousands of other advertisers so there is limited ad space and the best bidder receives the most ad space.

Thus, never forget to use Facebook’s inbuild bidding settings or else you can also opt for your own, this gives you a more customized experience and is also budget-friendly.

⇒  Opt for split testing

Split testing is a great tool by which you can determine which ads are working best for you. Split testing works best when two ads that are different in one crucial way run simultaneously. For example, when you are testing two different ads with two different images or videos, this split testing is very effective.

You can also target these ads to two different audiences. After running the campaign for a while comparing the results. This is how you will be able to determine which ad is getting more engagement.

⇒  Start using GIF

Sometimes just text or static images fail to do the job that is done by GIFs. Facebook is now allowing the use of GIFs in ads.

If you feel that your audience won’t find an entire video entertaining or if you think that a video is not necessary to showcase your products or services, then GIF is the best option. This eye-catching way does not require much time and effort and is a very quick and easy way to boost your ad.

⇒  A video is a good option

If there’s a bit of wiggle room within your advertising budget then go for video since it is an extremely effective tool. Users find videos more attractive than that of print. This is a great way of engaging and capturing audiences.

Attractive videos apart from telling stories also speak to people’s emotions, thus catchy, short videos that can connect to your audiences can fetch you good results.

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