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5 Tips to optimize your content for SEO

“To win the market you need to have strong advertising!


To win the customer in the digital world you need to have strong content!”

In today’s digital era you do not directly advertise your product rather you advertise in a way that inspires others. You make stories that people remember, you create moments that stick to their minds, you create content!

Content; Digital World’s Ruler:

Back in 90’s people do not know the power of content. People were unaware of the kingdom content was building in the 21stcentury. Slowly and gradually people realized the effect content has on the customer’s mind.

But now people obey what content requires. That makes the content undisputable king even SEO is depending on the content. As SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and content have a strong connection; the connection of demand and supply.

Demand and supply connection!

According to Top Essay writing services UKthe strong connection between SEO and content is that;

SEO creates a demand which is fulfilled by Content.”

Without Content, SEO can’t even work on its own.SEO always need content for functioning itself. Content fulfills SEO requirements by blogs, backlinks and whatsoever but what if one produces content and still gets fewer visitors? That’s the real question today. As several people are unable to optimize their content as they lack certain tips that make their content optimized.

Need more traffic? Here you go!

SEO is a way to create traffic on your website. The strong SEO and keywords you have the stronger traffic will be on your website. But SEO is nothing without strong content and to make content stronger and use it at optimization one needs to follow these terrific tips.

5 Tips to optimize your content for SEO

Tips to win the traffic on your website!

When there is lots of traffic on the competitor’s website you just need to do;

1.Low on speed? Time to accelerate!

A user comes to your page for the demand for doing my essay and all he figures out is a loading page! Congratulations! You have lost a customer and bad ranking from the internet!

Yeah! Speed is what makes your customer stick to you! If you lack speed there are 101% chances that you are going to lose the market and customer to your competitors. So buckle up the speed and work to win and capture customer

· What will customers make of that accelerated speed?

As said by Essay writing service:

“We cater and target customers with our speed. There are several demands every second on the internet of writing my essay in the UK so we make sure to reach them with ultimate speed. Speed is the strategy to win the customer”

2.Need Quality than Quantity!

Quantity is good but it is a waste if one does not produce great quality. Write which is in demand and freshly tailored. People search for things that give them an ultimate solution to their problems so write in a way that shows that whatever the customer is searching for, you have already put that on to your website exclusively for them.

Secondly, give stronger keywords that can beat your customer. This can be done by intelligent use of keywords in the content which direct and persuade the customer to your website. And all this is possible is by very strong content.

3.Target with strategy!

Do not target a whole lot of customer or mass market in one go. Choose and pick the audience specifically and tailor your services for them. When you choose the target audience randomly, you are unable to define their needs and wants and this creates a blockage in designing the services or product. A similar thing happens in content marketing! Choose who your customer is and who you want to target to be the next visit to your website.

If you are a health clinic service provider and you produce content about new trends in health science r you create a new trend yourself that’s what called a classified strategy to capture the customer.

4. Entertain your visitor!

Why anyone would like to read your content? What your content has for them? It should be the main focus of your content. To write content is not enough in today’s world until you visualize the content for them. You need to add pictures, graphs, links, video and sometimes graphs (in the humorous post) to capture the attention and make their visit entertaining.

5. Beautify it!

A visitor stays on a website if the website is user and mobile-friendly. But a reader can stick to the content if it is readable. If the content has headings, sub-headings, and pointers to make a nice look. Use proper styling of banners, pictures, and other stuff. Make it easy for the reader to access the links you have shared. Do not complicate the visit. Make it a worthy visit for a reader.

In the end, it does matter!

Everyone wants more traffic and visitor on their website and through these tips you are definitely getting some but all can go in vain if they do these major mistakes

Mistakes to avoid:

·Poor architecture of website:

The architecture of the website should be easy to use for the customer. Too many tabs on the website can create cluster which will irritate the visitor.

·Running for ranking:

Do not run for ranking. Produce quality content and use write keywords and people will come to your website automatically.

·Overloaded content:

Do not overload your website with heavy content. Use spaces in nice way but do not stuff them with too much text.


Concluding! The more sophisticated is the website the more visitors you will get as a result. Content marketing is what the future is holding up for everyone. The demand of good content writers and makers is increasing with passing time. Even if you want to influence people, produce content that actually impresses the customer. This content can be of any form of audio-video or written. The main goal is to capture customer and generate website!

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