6 Things You Don’t Know About Thailand

Indians planning a trip to Thailand is not new. Every year both in off and on seasons, Thailand gears up to welcome the tourists from India.

Thailand in no time has emerged as one of the most favorite tourist destinations among globetrotters. Tourists from across the globe flock towards Thailand to spend some quality time on the beaches.

Thailand is not just about Bangkok and Phuket, it is much more than that and if you are really bearing a wanderlust soul, Thailand will turn out to be the most splendid nation.

When you plan a trip next, make Thailand in your bucket list and actually make it a priority to visit this magnificent land and explore beyond just Bangkok and Phuket.

Do you know some facts about Thailand? Thailand has a lot of unsung secrets and here we will try to unveil some of them.

No colonial rule

Thailand has never been colonized and thus it is among the 10 countries of the world that was never colonized. Being a buffer state, Thailand played smartly and saved itself from the curse of colonization.

A home for the animal kingdom

Thailand is home to one-third of the entire animal population of the world. World’s longest cobra (18 feet) and world’s longest reticulated python (33 feet) resides in the forest of Thailand. Thailand is undoubtedly a fascinating land for animal lovers.

6 Things You Don’t Know About Thailand

The annual feast for monkeys

Thailand organizes buffet for over 600 monkeys annually in front of PhraPrang Sam Yot temple in s. A large number of monkeys comes on this day and relishes the fresh fruits and delectable food items specially made for the monkeys.

Rich flora and fauna

Thailand is home to over 1500 varieties of orchids, thus making the nation to be the largest exporter of orchids in the world.

Land of islands

Thailand is known as the land of islands like Koh Phi Phi, Phuket and Koh Samui. Well, these are just three of them that I have mentioned since Thailand is home to over 1430 islands and it is impossible to mention the name of all. From well-developed to untouched islands, Thailand has everything for everyone who wishes to discover the islands here.

Red bull

Originally created in 1976 in Thailand, Red Bull was marketed to blue-collar workers and sold under the name of KratingDaeng. So, Thailand is the birthplace of your favorite Red Bull.

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