8 Technology Innovations of 2019 That Will Impact Your Life

The robots will help us clean water, blockchains will make it difficult for hackers to access important data and the Internet will travel at the speed of light. If the exciting future does not excite you, what else will?

The technologies today evolve faster than a girl’s mood!

Jokes apart, from VR to AI, this world has witnessed some of the most astonishing inventions. I mean a robot named Sophia exists in this world. She is luckier than many of us out here to have received the Saudi citizenship. What a time to be alive, honestly! You get to envy robots. Never would I have thought of this in the wildest of my dreams. But it is what it is. With so many changes happening around me, the one constant in my life has been the Frontier bundles. However, the bundles themselves keep changing. So, practically they are evolving as well. Anyway, I am not here to rant but to share some of the amazing technological innovations that will affect our lives in 2019.

Technology Innovations of 2019 That Will Impact Your Life

Robots will be Seen Cleaning

They sure are better creatures to exist ion this Earth than us. The artificial intelligence powered robots will aid in cleaning the water supplies in the world. Robots will do what the humans failed to. According to researches, the year 2025 can see a shortage of water in the world. People won’t have access to clean water. This will make survival a challenge for many. To avoid such inconveniences from happening, IBM developed an automatic robot camera. This camera is capable of providing data that further gives the insights pertaining to the factors that are affecting the marine life.


This, in particular, is to protect the supply chain mechanism. We live in a world where breaching is a norm. Therefore, new ways to protect privacy and to verify the identity of individuals is a necessity. There is no better candidate for this than blockchain. Because block chains provide a robust and incorruptible recordkeeping platform. Apart from that, block chains can also be used to provide security while shopping. Some companies have already started using block chains for security purposes.

Dueling AI

AI will remain the highlight of many events and things in the coming years. What this model will do is that you will make one AI battle with the other. No, we are not talking war over here. But a rather peaceful battle. One AI will create an image and the other will decide whether it is a real image or artificial. This will be a new take on online verification and will most probably replace modern day’s CAPTCHA technology.

3D Metal Printing

With the plastic 3D printing already a thing in the consumer world, metal 3D printing will be the next big wave. HP is already planning to be the first one to offer this to the world of arts. This innovation will prove to be beneficial to the jewelry and toy businesses, in particular. Which would mean that huge factories spread over massive areas won’t be necessary? As the compact printers will be able to perform these duties.

Lattice Cryptography

This will be a nightmare for hackers. As this will include complex algebraic structures referred to as lattices. Because there is more sensitive data available and stored on the computers now, it is important to come up with ways that will make it almost impossible for hackers to access it. Using this technology you encode data with complex algebraic structures that even the most advanced computers will find hard to crack.

Survival of the Unbiased

The AI systems tend to be pretty biased because of the data that is fed in them So, there are now going to be new ways to monitor the biases in the AI systems and eliminate them from the source. This means that the data will reflect a more unbiased and real approach in the upcoming AI systems. The current AI systems reflect the human view of reality. All of us are aware of just how biased the human views tend to be. But this will be a tough task. Because the AI systems respond according to the data that they receive. So, there will have to be ways in which unbiased data is recorded in them.

Quantum Computing in the Real World

Quantum computing will become an integral part of any computer engineering degree in the future. According to IBM, people have stopped treating them as aliens and have actually started to write programs on them. They are already being used in many disciplines. However, it still continues to be a toy. But an understanding of quantum computers will be an essential part of any scientific field in the future.

Lightning Fast Internet

4G and LTE will be outdated. With 5G you are yet to experience the Internet at the speed of light. It will take the Internet connectivity to a whole new level. Moreover, it will also create new possibilities in the field of medicine, manufacturing, and transportation. It will be faster than your FiOS Internet plans. Just imagine.

There couldn’t have been a better time to be alive. The future awaits us with so many interesting and exciting innovations. Can’t wait to be there already!

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