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So how does it work?

Gather all Info

At Knowandask we check and collect information from all the available platforms online/offline to gather the maximum information available for the people on one platform.


The information collected is segregated and formed into proper data and in proper flow or sequence making it easy/convenient for all the people to learn and understand without any issue.


After all, the data formed its updated on the Knowandask website to reach the people searching for the information and those who want to learn something.



Amit Singh Rawat Founder/ Website Developer of knowandask


I am Amit Singh Rawat a Digital Marketer skilled WordPress Website Developer, SEO, Social Media Marketing, SEM and Content Writer. From beautiful place Uttarakhand, the Queen of Mountain and currently working in Bangalore. I love traveling to new places and exploring new things with Friends. Always ready to learn new things and grow!

knowandask website fully Developed and Maintained by me.

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