Applications of 3D Scanning for Automobile Industry

With car production higher than ever before, more and more modifications to each model, along with the churning out of newer models in the market, auto businesses rely on their ability to adapt.

Flexibility in production makes or breaks them. 3D scanning is one such advanced and flexible technology options that the auto industry has turned to in recent years.

Disrupting the Manufacturing Process

3D scanning for the automobile industry involves, among others, the digitization of the different processes of production. This allows car manufacturers to produce more efficiently around the globe. Car designs, stored in digital 3D CAD files, can be retrieved and replicated in any factory across the globe. Therefore, the potential for in-house production is truly realized.

Now, metrology experts can, with the aid of 3D scanners, create 3D images of car manufacturing operation facilities. Using these images, production plans can be smoothly and drastically improved, that too in less than half the time as compared to conventional modes of operations that depended on polystyrene models to identify changes and obstacles.

The advantages of 3D scanning services are becoming too many to count for the auto industry! 3D scanners empower car design engineers to measure areas that were hitherto difficult to reach — for example, tunnels used for drying the paintwork on cars.

Compare 3D CAD data

Quality Control Redefined

Compare 3D CAD data with the original drawings to obtain critical information on dimensional detection of complex objects. This process also helps in obtaining data on coaxially, hole pitch, and assembly clearance.

Simulation of Assembly

Obtain a high-precision 3D model of your vehicle in production using 3D laser scanning. Simulate the assembly process, using 3D software. Obtain deviation data that allows for reconfigurations to the model, based on the virtual simulation analysis.

Reverse Engineering

Empower your design engineers with data support obtained from 3D scans on prototypes. Reduce the time on artificial mapping. 3D laser scanners are notoriously accurate (up to 0.03mm). This ensures accurate reverse modeling. The result? Save on manufacturing costs and time.

Motion Analysis

Simulate different motion scenarios. Perform a 3D scan on car doors and trunks, for example, during the process of starting up and shutting down. The accuracy of this 3D scan data is a critical element in your structural analysis and dimensional design.

Aftermarket Advantages

The role of 3D scanning does not end at the end of the assembly line. 3D laser scanning Melbourne or non-contact 3D scanning is perfect for the conduct of inspections on existing components and/or assemblies. The technology can also be used for carrying out 3D correction and improvement.

Applications of 3D Scanning for Automobile Industry

A Versatile Player

3D scanning and 3D CAD technology can be employed to help in the manufacturing of a wide array of car parts and components. These include, among others:

  1. Car bodywork
  2. Bumper and bonnet
  3. Single car door
  4. Car tires and rims
  5. Engine bay and full interior
  6. Sheet metal parts and components
  7. Engine block (any type)
  8. Crankcase, crankshaft
  9. Car seat or motorbike saddle
  10. Auto accessories and spare parts

The increasing demand for 3D scan services in Melbourne and elsewhere in the country can be attributed to the demand for improvements in the car manufacturing processes. Delivery of innovative car models and car features, based on customer demands is being largely realized thanks to the versatility of 3D scanning technology.

Not only does the technology facilitate precise and accurate car design and measurements, but 3D scanning services in Australia is also gradually pushing the auto sector towards complete automation. Increasing efficiency is the name of the game for this disruptive player in the market.

Author Bio:

KiranHurkadli is the director of Zeal CAD. He is offering Industrial Product Designing and 3d Scanning service in Australia for the last some years. He has earned good success in the CAD drafting industry for his unique and custom designs for his clients.

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