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Apps For Every Business Man

5 Must-Have Apps for Every Business Man

Technology has advanced so much that there is no need to have a physical office or a business setup.  The incredible apps and technology advancement have given birth to the concept of online entrepreneurship. It has only become possible because of the steady evolution of technology. We live in times when one can proudly brandish their laptop and say, ‘this is my office’. And that actually true. All you need is a computer and a subscription to one of the high-performance internet plans such as Spectrum Internet packages. And you can set up a complete business set up using these two things. Interestingly, you can work anywhere and everywhere with these amenities. You need to stick to a brick-and-mortar store necessarily.

5 Must-Have Apps for Every Business Man

For variety’s sake, one can also use their smartphone to do everything that they do on their computers. Yes, the smartphone apps are really that efficient too. That’s not even exaggeration! The apps are simply miraculous. Be they related to business, communication, gaming, or any other thing for that matter, they are astounding. They can turn your smartphone into an absolute business tool. Your gadgets let you stay connected, informed, manage your stuff, wrangle documents, and look after everything on websites, social media, and other online forums. In this blog post, we are going to give you some useful app titles to facilitate your online business ventures. Below are some incredible apps, which are gems for your business.

Top 5 Apps for Entrepreneurs

Following are some great apps to help you in your business:

  1. Expensify
  2. HootSuite
  3. Hipmunk
  4. net
  5. Pulse

Let’s give you some details on them.


Is your wallet stuffed with endless business purchases’ receipts?  Do you think it’s a massive mess? Well, you don’t need to carry that extra baggage anymore. Expensify is an indispensable app for this purpose. All you have to do is to take a photo of your receipts with your phone camera, enter some related details and save it instantly to the online repository with the said app. It will never get lost from there. Expensify has some amazing features such as automate filing and payment of expense reports. If you are the sole runner of your business, the app is free for you. For larger businesses, they just have to pay $5 per month per user.


Our next recommendation is HootSuite. Every business owner has accounts on social media forums such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and so on. This app helps you manage all these accounts in one place only. HootSuite is compatible with both Android and iOS devices. You can use it on the web too. It pulls together all your social media accounts for convenient updating and easy reading. It also helps you schedule your updates and will only release them at the specified time. The option to specify time is quite helpful. Especially when you have buyers and followers across the globe. You can schedule your posts for your followers in Australia while you are still snoozing in California. The free version that offers support for multiple members begins at around $5.99 per month per user.


Traveling is an essential part of many business setups. To book flights, Hipmunk is a great app. It is available on Android, iOS, and the Web. It displays flights in a simple and easy grid. And then it sorts them according to various factors such as layovers, pricing, and so on. You get to see the most appealing options right on top of the list.

Most of the business owners use Dropbox, One Drive, Google Drive, iCloud, and SugarSync for an easy shuffle of files among different devices. But our recommendation here is Apple users get to have a massive storage space of 50 GB. However, Android users are still stuck with its standard free space that is 5 GB. Still, it’s a good enough space to store a huge amount of business docs.


If you are a dedicated iPhone user and want to catch all the news, use Pulse. A nifty and smart news reader that allows you to read news feeds from everywhere. You can even browse to the sources and add them to your list of sources. You can explore the section called business-related choices. Just like Spectrum Triple Play gives you ample subscription choices, Pulse gives you a good number of browsing options. Subscribe to various news channels and forums, which you find useful.

Take advantage of these amazing apps and enhance your business. Good luck!

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