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Are your Shopping bags boring and mainstream?

Here are 4 steps for you to choosing bags for your business

You know your business the best, therefore in the best position to choose the best shopping, carry or gift bag that is most suitable for your business. Even though bags may seem like a minor decision, in hindsight the appropriate bags need to represent the business model.

Below are four key questions with solutions that you need to know before making a commitment.

1)    Which is the best bag for my products?

Before you consider the different options of reusable non-woven bags, you need to consider how to pack the products that your customers buy.

Suitability Tips:

  • Consider the size and weight of your product. Upmarket petite bags suit jewelry stores, while rugged reusable nonwoven bags suit hardware stores. If it is too large or too small, it’s not a good sign. Having a couple of sizes will ensure various products fit their complementing bag.
  • Temperatures can also affect the type of bags used, such as the cold, heat or whether your environment is mostly moist or dry. Supermarkets, flower shops, and shops selling fresh produce require waterproof bags and quite often food grade bags.

reusable non-woven bags

2) What is best for my customer?

Functionality needs to be at the top of the list when choosing the right bag for your customers and staff.

  • If there is a high volume of transactions, and in short time frames, you may need a very affordable shopping bag as opposed to a lower volume of transactions.
  • Grocery bags need to be easy to use to allow staff and customers to package their merchandise quickly and cater to a variety of weight and sizes.
  • Unusual climate and geographic conditions require specialized bags to transport their shopping practically and conveniently. Finer details are important like soft rope or strong handles according to the weight, shape, and size of your products.

3) Why do my carry bags help market my business?

Selecting the right bag for your business is an important branding and marketing strategy that requires more thought than expected. ZEDPACK has a huge selection of carrying bags to select from. Custom made carry bags in your company colors or logo is a cost-effective option for marketing your business and promoting your brand.

4) Which is the best carry bag for the environment?

Review whether your company or organization has a standpoint on the environmental effects of products. If so, consider where the company stands on supporting the gradual phasing out of plastic bags that harm wildlife. Is there a demand from your customer base for environmental-friendly products?

  • Environment Planning Tips: 

People love reusable nonwoven bags. They are less likely to be thrown into a landfill. ZEDPACK provides a wide range of environmentally friendly non-woven bags.

  • Bag Choices Broken Down

Your choice of gift bags and gift packaging is more than a practical solution for your customers to carry their purchase home. Carry bags are a marketing investment and we pride ourselves on our expertise.

  • ZEDPACK non-woven bags provide a wide range of bags made with the latest technology that produces precise and qualitative production within the shortest possible time. They have an amazing range of non-woven bags that are classy, durable, customizable and affordable.
  • Reusable shopping bags are made from reliable nonwoven fabric. ZEDPACK offers an exceptional quality of non-woven shopping bags. You can shop to your heart’s content and these shopping bags won’t disappoint you.
  • Custom-made carry bags are made from materials of your choice, which is made into your own personalized carry bag solution. Companies like ZEDPACK provide customization options for their customers. Here, you can customize your bag according to your requirements.

Some customers might have already brought their shopping bags and for them, you can have your bags displayed in your store as props. With your bespoke logo, you can also have your company’s official website and contact address printed on one of these bags. Not only will this bring vibrancy to your store, but your customers may also want to click pictures in case of any requirement of your service in the future.

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