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Avoid these five bad e-commerce practices

It is clear that we live in a world that increasingly passes through the digital area. Compared to other countries, there are many companies that have not yet joined the e-commerce to increase their sales.

Currently, digital commerce is growing by leaps and bounds, and let’s be honest there are few companies that, in addition to having a website, do e-commerce in a correct way, increasing their sales. That is why we have taken on the task of identifying all the errors that e-commerce stores often commit and that you know what you are committing on your site and correct them immediately.

Avoid these five bad e-commerce practices

What I should not do if I want to favor e-commerce

Introducing yourself within e-commerce can be, today, one of your best alternatives if you are looking to achieve an increase in your sales. But beware! Because if you do it wrong you can be investing in something that will not give you results. Those mentioned below are the mistakes you should avoid committing with your website if you want to increase your sales.

Have few payment options

It often happens that users are very attracted to an offer, but the payment possibilities offered by the store are few or very difficult to make. If your website has one or two methods of payment, it is possible that users who do not feel confident or agree with the few payment methods leave your store to finally make the purchase elsewhere or in the physical store.

To avoid this situation, you should not forget to have several alternatives, of course, you should not forget the payment by card either debit or credit, PayPal, prepaid or in cash.

Skip the comments/reviews or stars

Most people review every corner of the online store and if there are comments or stars of the product, the quality of it, as well as the shipping time and if it arrived in perfect condition. This will give security to whoever is looking for your product and will give you a lot of confidence. For this reason, it is not only important to have this section, but it is also essential to pay attention to it, in order to be sure of making all the improvements that other users can suggest and improve constantly.

Request all the data

Many people feel insecure about placing a lot of personal information on a website. Therefore, if you want to prevent users from leaving your page, it is advisable that you do not request too much data. We must generate the right link for the purchase, but not invade the privacy of people.

Not having a mobile format

For a couple of years and several posts I have mentioned the importance of responsive web design, although this is a tool that must be taken into account in the creation of web pages, it is a matter that concerns everything related to marketing digital.

In the particular case of e-commerce, when you have an online store on a page that is not optimized for mobile devices, it is not very functional and deep down the user will feel distrust of making a purchase on a page that does not facilitate the purchase.

Think about it and I assure you that you would rather hesitate to leave your credit card information on an unreliable website.

Have false images

Nothing will discredit your company and your products as much as the false images. Nowadays, one of the most important things on the web is reputation. Therefore, if you want to generate true purchase links, you must have reliable images.

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