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Becoming a Professional Illustrator: The Secret to Success

There is so much more to an illustration than solely being something that is memorable or a keepsake. That is what illustrations have been used for throughout history but this concept has changed over time. In the present time, brands and businesses are resorting to illustrations for marketing and branding purposes.

That is a great advancement as it has completely changed the way people used to perceive illustrations.

Now if you want your business to be more significant than the competition then you would prefer to opt for digital or visual branding and illustration design has become a part of it.

Due to the facts mentioned above, there has been an upsurge in businesses and individuals looking for an illustration design service that would help them out with digital branding.

However, to reach to that level of professionalism, where you are being sought after your great illustration design skills; there are a few things that you should be aware of.

Becoming a Professional Illustrator: The Secret to Success

Do not lose focus

Whether it is a career in illustration design or any other field, the requisite to have a focus does not change. You cannot leave the notion of learning or practice halfway and that is exactly what matters for illustration designing. Once you have equipped yourself with a focused mindset, nothing has the power to hinder your motivation. For that reason, you need to establish a firm resolve before you even proceed with illustration creation. Start with building confidence in yourself and do not be afraid to welcome failure. Even the greatest artists or illustrators out there had to face the failure of some sort during their career. Always remember that a firm resolve, plan and goal is all you need to become a professional illustrator.

Adapt to your client’s needs

The process of illustration designing is not the effort of a single person instead; it entirely depends upon teamwork. You would have to follow your client’s requirements and settle in with your their preferences. Your opinions might vary but if you give your opinion an upper hand then it will prove to be a hindrance in your profession. Give your insight as well as appreciate what your client has to say. Keep a state of balance and mediocrity while creating the illustration. Always keep your client involved and keep him updated in every phase of the illustration creation process.

Analyze the preferences of your audience

While focus and adaptableness is essential before you set out to become an illustrator but the factor of research also matters. If you do not know your audience or know what they would like to view then your efforts will become purposeless. Illustration styles are countless and you can choose any of them, as it is not set in stone that a specific audience would prefer a certain style instead the notion of knowing your audience’s demographics matters the most. Analyze and research every single aspect of drawing illustrations and that includes the color combination, visuals and even the message you are portraying.

Avoid relying on trendsBecoming a Professional Illustrator: The Secret to Success

The trends in illustration design are simply ever changing. You can select a certain trend and design your illustration according to it but excessively relying on trends or styles is not recommended. It is better to explore the entire domain of illustration design, get inspiration where you deem fit and then form a unique and personalized style of your own. Always pay attention to distinctiveness and try not to deviate from your focus. Originality is also acquired after you research adequately along with continuous efforts to stand out from the rest.

Diversity in design

It is not set in stone that a designer or an illustrator can constantly come up with new and unique ideas. We all have hit a roadblock at some point but that does not mean we would let it slow us down. As an illustrator, you need to enhance your drawing abilities by updating your art style. You lose inspiration or at times you cannot find the right sources for it but the notion of research works here too. Observe the work of great artists out there and analyze what your audience would want to view. Once you know these two factors, come up with an art style that is simply contemporary. It is difficult to achieve something like that in the first try but practice certainly makes perfect.

Make it colorful

The visual appeal and aesthetics of your illustration matter more than the message itself. The message inside your illustration might be easy to perceive but if it does not look good visually then it has no unique essence to it. You can use simple line art for your illustration design but it will have better visual enhancement if you rely on colors. It is up to you to select an extensive color palette or simply go with monochromic or two-toned color. The color combination does not matter but what matters is the presence of color, no matter how small it is.

Create a rough sketch draft

The traditional modes and styles of illustration design have been completely replaced by digital mediums. Designers tend to rely more on design software but that does not mean an illustrator should completely ignore the traditional art methods. Drawing on paper before you digitally transform your illustration is important since it lets you observe every intricate aspect that is easily overlooked on design tools or software. Hand drawn sketches allow you to have a firm grasp on your designing skills and in turn, provide you with a diversified skill set that could work on any medium.

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