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Benefits of content marketing

Before we began with the Benefits of content marketing……
Why we need content marketing?

While smartphones and tablets provide almost permanent access to the Internet, the known strategies in marketing face new challenges. Almost every day, the behavior and demands of users seem to change.

Finding the right advertising opportunities while meeting users’ needs for high quality and good content is not always easy.

In the past few years, content marketing has developed into one of the best measures to bring individual customer wishes under one roof.

But how good is content marketing really as content-based advertising?

Focus on the content or classic advertising – what is the right strategy?

People still have the problem of being bombarded with advertisements from a variety of sources and through a large number of channels.

There is direct mail, despite the prohibition sign on the mailbox, flyers in the pedestrian zone and, last but not least, advertising on the Internet and on television.

There is an incredible oversaturation with current offers and supposed temptations for the search for good offers. This has long since reached a point at which many potential customers can no longer be reached via these classic routes. The advertising is simply hidden and no longer perceived.

Even more: Many people rate these forms of advertising so negatively that it can affect the image of the advertising company if the advertising measures are particularly intrusive.

Content marketing tries to bridge the gap between classic advertising, which still seems to be necessary for many companies to find new customers and entertainment for their own customers.

So something should be sold, but the potential customers should and must receive added value from it and no longer recognize the advertising as advertising. The big advantage is that companies can create content that is relevant to their customers at no high cost.

content marketing

What makes content good?

Good content is not just how beautiful a picture or how high-quality a text is. It comes down to a mixture of the following aspects:

  • Adaptation to the target group
  • Regular publication
  • Update the content
  • actually added value for the reader

For example, if you do content marketing via social networks, you should provide the appropriate content at regular intervals to keep followers happy. It is important that your posted content includes more than an advertising message, but has an added value for the followers and offers a certain form of entertainment.

Your goal should be to acquire a reputation for the content in the medium term: With the good content, you ensure that your company makes a name for your customers and those who could.

It must be clear that you are an expert in the field and that you are always directed at the customer with your own services and products. Knowing the needs, meeting the needs and not just thinking about the product – that is the key.

But we still haven’t answered a question:

What exactly is content marketing and how can you best use it to reach potential customers?

Content marketing content

For example, content marketing includes the following content:

  • Images that tell a story. Literally. You can be the hanger for good storytelling.
  • Infographics with interesting information for a quick look are very popular and can also be used well in social networks, for example.
  • High-quality texts with a high added value convey an expert status. It is subtle advertising that also promotes the company’s image.

Otherwise, it is above all digital media that have the greatest effect on this form of advertising. Particularly popular: podcasts and videos as another form of how content is conveyed in an appealing but complex form and can be used as new advertising channels.

The right channels and diversity in marketing

A great advantage that results from advertising with good content is the simple synchronization with a wide variety of channels on the Internet. In doing so, we assume that in today’s world information can not only be communicated via our own website. Rather, other channels such as social networks, newsletters or company blogs are also required.


Newsletter? Do they still matter? Yes. Newsletters were never dead. Companies now know that relevant content and a one-to-one approach work more successfully than one-fits-all strategies. Customers consciously choose which provider they want to be regularly informed about offers and news. A good newsletter thus becomes an inexpensive but effective medium for your own activities in content marketing.

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Social media

The use of content marketing in social networks has, of course, several positive effects. On the one hand, it stimulates interaction with the followers and fans, on the other hand, high-quality content is always the most suitable for being liked and shared. This means that any advertising messages can spread more quickly without having to use the additional budget for advertising.

And even better: if your posts are shared by your followers, these Instagram followers will also become salespeople in your cause. Due to the versatile use of your own content on internal and external channels, the investment in the creation is also worthwhile.

Since videos, texts, graphics, and images are no longer simply used on the homepage but can be distributed anywhere on the Internet, higher prices can often be better represented by the higher demands and the increased quality. But: Often good content simply needs creativity and time, for example for the search for image motifs or for the creation of texts.

Good content is more than advertising – and sets you apart from the crowd!

What else makes good content…..

Let us come back to the question of what you as an entrepreneur actually want.

Like many of our customers, you are probably concerned with being visible and being found. Because buying decisions are made online today.

And here too, content marketing offers an approach: content marketing is an important part of search engine optimization and has an impact on your Google ranking.

Here is a brief explanation: It was the Penguin and Panda updates that triggered a paradigm shift on Google. Since these major Google updates, purely technical optimization is no longer the most important factor in achieving a good position in the results pages. Instead, it’s been about the content ever since.

Spammers were driven out, and small businesses now have the chance to land far ahead with a good website and good content. After all, that’s exactly what most companies want when they start doing online marketing.

The first positions are very lucrative but difficult to achieve without good optimization. This is where content marketing helps:

Google wants to drive improvements in content and rewards the efforts of the site operators. This is then reflected in a good ranking in the results pages.

And this can be pushed even further by good content. Because popularity and length of stay are rewarded by Google with an even better rating.

How does that come? Let’s do this using the example of the length of stay. It says a lot about how good the content is and to what extent it offers added value for visitors. If you are a good source of information in the eyes of Google and have acquired the status of an expert, you have the best chance of ending up in the popular top positions among the selected keywords. Because Google wants its users to find good content!

Ultimately, the positive effects on your ranking are another reason why you should rely on content marketing.

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