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Beware Bodybuilders: Online Fitness store breach

Beware, Bodybuilders! The Recent Online Fitness store breach is an eyeopener

One of the world’s largest and most popular online fitness stores suffered a security breach; fitness freaks are advised to change their login credentials. says that it was suspected in February 2019.

Thanks to the independent security experts who investigated the hacker’s attack; according to investigators, the hack attempted via phishing email which was sent to the staff back in July 2018.

The duped worker accidentally shared enough information that made more accessible for external hackers to break the company’s online infrastructure.

What Has Been Exposed?

Hackers accessed bodybuilders’ data including names, billing and shipping details, email addresses, contact digits, historical affiliations (order history and/or any communication), BodySpace profiles, DOBs, and other data.

Thank God, payment details have not been exposed as Bodybuilding does not store full payment card numbers during online purchases.

Is The Stolen Data Abused or Misused?

There is no evidence as such regarding the treatment of stolen data, the company is claiming that the data has not been misused so far; but one could ask them how they are so sure?

Bodybuilding is keep warning users to be wary of any emails asking recipients to respond by clicking a link or attachment or requesting personal information or asking for ransom against their personal information and/or the contact details that have been stolen.

Beware Bodybuilders

How Many Users has been Affected?

The exact number of affected users has not been revealed; means all the users are at risk; though there are more than 9 million members in its Bodyspace community, while the site claims to receive 35 million new visitors a month.

What is the Response of

According to the site, steps are being taken to harden the security infrastructure to prevent any further unauthorized access to users’ data; users are required to change the passwords immediately.

Is Changing the Password Enough?

Yes! For years, security experts are urging users to choose different passwords for different accounts, as a password is the frontline force that allows or disallow anyone to intrude in your data; breaching a password means hacking all the accounts belonging to the same victim.

Do you know, the most used password from cyber breaches were “123456” and “ashley” they have been used by 23. 2 Million users around the globe.

So, don’t be fooled and don’t give easy access of your data to hackers; if you cannot memorize multiple passwords, then get a good password manager and keep your data protected with complex and unique passwords.

Also, users can also protect different accounts with Two-factor authentication (if possible); it’s an added layer of security that will prevent hackers from accessing your accounts.

We, cyber experts, don’t doubt your fitness and your commitments to it, but we are afraid about your cyber-fitness; it’s no more a technological problem rather become a personal responsibility.

Cyber awareness moves beyond the workplace and homes, impacting things  ranging from devices to toys, from fitness-trackers to voice-activated gadgets, increasing the importance for all ages to be ‘cyber fit,’

How to be Cyberfit?

Cyberfitness is just like cyber hygiene, where an individual’s health or security is taken into account while conducting online activities. It includes recognizing risky behavior like; clicking a link in a dubious email, connecting many data-holding devices, etc.

We all love smart gadgets; interestingly, security researchers have already warned us to limit the use of smart devices, as these personalized gadgets (including IoT devices) help cyber crooks to take hold of our private info and could use them to empty our bank accounts, seize our assets and even remortgage our personal homes.

A study revealed that this year, ransomware would be more concerned towards connected devices holding users’ data like emails, photos, and even our fitness info.

If you think your data would be sold to the dark web, then you’re wrong; its probability is less, while holding the data for ransom is the new in, as this will trigger more panic among us.

Taking care of your online security and privacy is becoming a need next to food and shelter; otherwise, you’ll end up losing your online status, which is I guess more important than the physical identity.

So, what to do? How to limit the tracking parameters of the fitness gadgets and apps; and how the fitness industry could be remain protected?

Don’t worry! Answers are simple.

  • As an individual, you just have to keep changing your password – as we have mentioned – and whatever the apps or gadgets you are using, make sure you know how much data that app or gadget is storing and do adjust its privacy settings as per your comfort level.
  • If you are running a fitness venture, then make sure your employees are trained enough to recognize the signs of cyber attacks; employee training is a must.

Anyways, pump up your muscles, but don’t let the hackers pump their skills on you and your data; try your kicking techniques on them.

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