Calgary Things To Do: Explore the City and Beyond

Calgary Things To Do:

Calgary is a bustling and magnificent city in the stunning Canadian province of Alberta that flawlessly blends natural beauty with urban charm. Calgary is surrounded by the spectacular Rocky Mountains, providing a breathtaking background that never fails to inspire. The city’s skyline is covered with modern buildings, while the breathtaking Rockies peaks rise in the background. Here are the top things to do in Calgary if you plan your trip to this wonderful place.

Best Things To Do In Calgary:

Calgary, the Heart of New West, offers you many fun things to do to make your trip unforgettable. You can:

  • Explore the Calgary Tower

The Calgary Tower is an iconic landmark located at the heart of downtown Calgary and offers its visitors panoramic views of the entire city. The tower’s sleek and futuristic architecture sets the tone for an amazing experience. Take your time to observe the artistic blend of glass, steel, and concrete that reflects the city’s contemporary essence. The glass floor platform will give you a thrilling sensation as you look down at the bustling city from its height. The tower also offers you to indulge in some delicious cuisine at the Sky360 Restaurant and enjoy your meal with 360-degree city views.

Calgary Things To Do
  • Discover the Splendor of Prince’s Island Park

This park is located in downtown Calgary and attracts visitors with its natural beauty. The lush green spaces, melodies of the birds, and the fresh scent of the nearby Bow River calm you as you enter the park. You can walk and wander on the maintained trails or watch the river flow winding its path through the park, reflecting the vibrant colors of the trees. One of the place’s main attractions is the Vibrant Eau Claire Plaza, where art and culture converge. The plaza hosts different events and festivals throughout the year, and you can enjoy the lively atmosphere of it if you are lucky.

  •  Immerse in the beauty of the Rocky Mountains

Calgary is known as the gateway to the Canadian mountains, and the beauty of the place will surely immerse you in it. Visit the Banff National Park and enjoy the panoramic views from the top of the Sulphur Mountain. The park is also home to turquoise lakes, and you can enjoy hiking up to the mountains. Several beautiful sites, such as the Lake Louise Ski Resort, Kananaskis Country, Canmore, and Waterton Lakes National Park, are must-visits in Calgary.

  • Step Back In Time at the Heritage Park Historical Village

This Heritage Park takes you back in time with its rich heritage of Western Canada. The park exhibits well-preserved historical buildings and structures while the costumed interpreters bring history to life. The blacksmiths, cobblers, and artisans showcase the traditional art and crafts. Wander through the old fur trading fort and explore the replica of the early prairie town. You can also take rides on vintage trains and horse-drawn wagons. These nostalgic rides add an extra layer of charm and authenticity to the Heritage Park experience.

  • Visit the Calgary Zoo

The Calgary Zoo is home to a diverse range of animals and offers an educational experience to its visitors. The zoo is large and houses more than 900 animals. You can see majestic lions, tigers, lemurs, and many other animals. Life-sized replicas of dinosaurs fascinate the visitors and take them back in time. It is a perfect place for a family-friendly trip. There is a botanical garden, which also hosts and conserves different varieties of plants and flowers. The zoo plays an important role in the conservation of animals and plants.

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