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Chetan Bhagat: The Girl in Room 105 Book Review

We all must agree, that books are our best friends who are there with us all the time. Whether we are upset or happy, books are always with us with its immense knowledge, stories, and morals.  People are fond of books which gives them immense imagination power and gives a new outlook for their lives.

It brings emotional stability in life. With all the workload and peer pressure, books are the only way out of all this stress and will change your mindset.


Chetan Bhagat: The Girl in Room 105 Book Review

Chetan Bhagat is known for its story which is related to real-life and mostly from the IIT. Every youth want to read all his books because they are so relatable. Chetan Bhagat is a name that is in everyone’s mouth. He has a love-hate relationship with all the readers.

We love him and then they are like we hate him. People sometimes immensely love his work and sometimes it’s the case they simply don’t like his work because of the repetition of genre and writing type. He is a writer who is known by everyone and criticized by many too but still, Chetan Bhagat manages to sell his books in a great amount. As we all know all his books are quite lengthy and normally romantic.

And now the most awaited book THE GIRL IN THE ROOM 105 is here. Finally, we can say that Chetan Bhagat has thought through and changed his genre from love to a non-love story.


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Keshav Rajpurohit is the narrator of the story. And as we all know Chetan Bhagat always tries to relate himself in his novels. In this also he manages this, so basically Keshav is telling this story to Chetan. This character obviously is an IIT pass out who fell in love with a Kashmiri girl aka Zara, who is a Muslim. Who broke up with him four years ago, since then Keshav started drinking and got really crazy after his ex-girlfriend. Just because he wanted her back in his life, he started stalking her everywhere whether its roads or social media.

What it seems like that it is a very normal heartbreak but the table turned when Zara called him on her birthday’s eve to her ROOM-105. Keshav was drunk so he agreed to meet her at that very moment. He ran towards her hostel room as he used to do years ago. He was very happy and excited at the same time that he will be able to meet her after so long. What he saw there changed his life completely. He was stuck in a situation where there is no way out.

What exactly happened after that?

It’s better you read it and enjoy it!

Chetan bhagat book review:

For all the readers who were tired of only one genre type of Mr. Chetan Bhagat. Congrats! As he came with a bang this time. Rather than writing a love story, he wrote about a non-love story that has the twist, thrill, and suspense. Who doesn’t want suspense and love at the same time in a story? For one time readers, it is a good book to read. As we all know that Chetan Bhagat writes in a very normal language that can be understood by everyone.

Majorly there are two special bonds highlighted in the story, one is of friendship and the other one is of love. If you want to have a friend, you should really have a friend like Saurav. Chetan Bhagat really described him well and the relationship that is being shown is mouth robbing. Who doesn’t want a friend like him, who stand by you when there is a difficulty which can take your breath off.

And the lover Keshav, he is so immensely in love with Zara that even after 4 years of wait, he is still excited just to get one call from an ex. In today’s life there are very few genuine relations, and to understand them, reading this book would be a good choice. Also, the main thing which is said to be new in his book is thriller and suspense. Yes, this a murder story.

In the starting 50% of the story, you might get bored a little bit, but after that, you might love what you are reading. Also, he includes a lot of stereotypes and then goes ahead and breaks them. Certain social issues that need much attention have also been included in the book and effortlessly woven into the story.

Because sometimes stories that are relatable and still create a little suspense in your mind. You are able to guess it but still, you are curious is a good choice.


This is being said that Chetan Bhagat is said to have a different genre book but the suspense he is trying to create is quite imaginable by the readers. Also, the dialogues which are being said are very casual. You always expect a murder story more thrilling with good dialogues but it’s not this case.

Again he has taken the story more towards romance, giving people an idea of a loving world. A book on which it is written mystery, drama, and thrill, should be exciting enough that you are not able to guess the suspense till the last. But, in this case, when you will be halfway through, you will be able to guess very easily that who did what and how.

The motive of the murderer can be easily predicted especially by those readers who are lovers of mystery and thrill genre.

Basically, people won’t suggest this book to those who love murder, mystery or thrill genre.


For all the readers who like mature and comprehensible language. This book can shine your bookshelf.

“UNLOVE” – something new! Something fishy!

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