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DesignCap Review

DesignCap Review – Create a Professional Poster in Minutes

Posters can draw attention to an upcoming event, such as a concert, play, party or some other actives. They are also a useful tool to find help. For example, when a pet is lost, the posters may request assistance in finding the pet. But most of all, posters can be used to advertise your product, service or whatever.

Posters are an essential part of the current advertising medium. However, if you do not have a budget to turn to a professional designer, there an interesting infographic tool on the internet that is not only easy to use but also free.

What I have referred to is DesignCap. It is a web-based editing program, which allows you to create a professional poster and flyer in minutes. The interaction with the software is simple and intuitive.

DesignCap provides hundreds of predefined templates, including party poster, missing flyer, promotion flyer and so on. It allows users to upload photo and search images you need from its local resources.

For fonts, you can choose from 30 options and various text effects. To further customize your poster, you can choose from a large library of delicate clipart. Besides, it is also available to change the background color of graphics. At last, your creation can be downloaded as PNG or JPG format and shared via social media like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.

DesignCap Review Poster making free online tool

Here’s why you should use DesignCap:
  • Save Time: With a drag and drop feature, you can do it myself within a few minutes. It has provided all kinds of the template, so there is no need to start from scratch. It is easy to get inspired and create a poster quickly with one of the professionally designed infographic templates.
  • Save money: No fees for each template and elements. DesignCap is totally free for personal and commercial use without watermarks and ads. You won’t have spent a dime to design and download professional posters
  • Abundant resources: DesignCap provides hundred of templates that fit all kinds of themes and topics. What’s more, there are a wide variety of stock photos, clipart images, font and background to unleash your talent and creativity.
  • No registration and download needed: DesignCap is available at the time you visit it without any registration or sign in. As I mentioned above, it is a web-based online tool. You won’t be overwhelmed by downloading and installing software for various systems.

DesignCap Review share to download

The drawback to it:

Download only with sharing: If you want to download the results, you have to share DesignCap to your social media first!

Overall, DesignCap will allow you to design posters and flyers with a drag and drop feature over a pre-designed template for free. It is an amazing tool for laymen and can also be useful for professionals.

If you only want to design poster and flyer now and then, why not choose this free design tool, DesignCap? It is a good choice in this case than some other powerful solutions but with a high license cost. I believe the simplicity of this tool will convince you.

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