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Why Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing also is known as Online/Internet marketing is a way of promoting your business online to reach your customer through an online medium with the help of tools like the website to connect with people.

You can learn through Online Marketing course or connect with a digital marketing company to start promoting your business online as everyone is online nowadays with a perfect digital marketing strategy to grow your business online.

Digital Marketing has become trending with a good scope, career, salary, and the number of digital marketing jobs you need to know and ask.

Features Of Online Marketing:

Digital marketing is suitable for all kind of businesses whether it’s small or big business with the help of a website.

This can be easily done with the help of one executive instead of hiring a large number of people for marketing your product and pay them high amount/salary.

It is suitable for B2B and B2C kind of businesses.

It involves Search engine optimization [SEO]Search engine marketing [SEM], Online Reputation Management and Social media marketing [SMM].

The results are dependent on Online Marketing Strategy.

Difference Between Digital and Traditional marketing:  

Digital Marketing termsDigital Marketing

  1. It can reach maximum people.
  2.  You can reach/target the right people.
  3. You can get maximum output with less cost.
  4. ROI obtained is high and measurable.

 Traditional Marketing

Traditional marketing Digital Marketing, Get your business online knowandask
Traditional marketing Digital Marketing
  1. Reach is low compared to Online marketing.
  2. Targeting the right people is hard.
  3. You have to pay a high amount to get good results.
  4. ROI is low compared to digital marketing.

Digital Marketing Involves:

Website Development



Email Marketing

Facebook Marketing

Instagram Marketing

Linkedin Marketing

Twitter Marketing

Google Ads

Online Reputation Management

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