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Email Marketing For High-Quality Leads and Sales For Your Business

Features Of Email Marketing | Steps in Email Marketing

Digital marketing is also known as internet marketing or online advertising is now trending, promoting your business online to reaching maximum people and getting more sales/revenue for your business like Email Marketing.

Why still trying Traditional ways to promote your business when you can reach many people through online marketing, You Know Why? Because nowadays everyone uses Smartphone with internet and spend their maximum time online.


There are many ways of promoting your business online through Digital Marketing and Business Website SEO.

Among all the Marketing strategies, Email Marketing is the most effective Marketing Solution.

Advertising through email marketing Campaigns can get you the maximum sales for your business and increase your business awareness/Traffic by sending the bulk email newsletter.

How to do email marketing and how does it work?

Email marketing is the act of sending a commercial message, typically to a group of people, using email. In its broadest sense, every email sent to a potential or current the customer could be considered email marketing.

Email Marketing for both All Kind Of Businesses:

Email Marketing is suitable for both Small and Big Business/Companies.

You can buy your own domain named Email address while buying your website and Hosting from the service providing companies like:Email Marketing advertising bulk and mass mailing knowandask

  • Godaddy
  • Hostgator
  • Bigrock
  • Bluehost
  • Many more

After Buying you domain Email Id for email marketing you need to have a Proper database [email marketing database] to perform email marketing and get maximum sales for your business.

For small businesses there are many free email marketing tools through which you can run free email marketing campaigns but up to a certain limit.

Bulk/Mass mailing advertising can be done through Email marketing software/Panel from service providers Companies like:

If not Possible then check for the Top Email Marketing companies and contact them so you can outsource your work to Email Marketing consulting/Companies providing Email Marketing services as it needs Bulk/Mass mailing work.

Email Marketing Process knowandask

Main Steps in Email Marketing/Advertising:

  1. Define: Give a name to the Email Marketing Campaign with Subject and other details to be filled.
  2. Test: Before Advertising or send the bulk mails test through the browsers and Email clients to check.
  3. Send: know the perfect time to send the emails and accordingly, you can deliver the emails immediately or can schedule the email time
  4. Measure: Don’t just blinding send the Mass emails but measure its progress also like clicks, opens, delivery, CRT [Click Through Rate], Location, Bounce Rate and other features.
  5. Report: Now after Email advertising, we need to measure the reports like bounce rate summary, social sharing, and other details.

Features and Benefits of Email Marketing:

For any Business or Product to marketing, Email Marketing is the most Reliable Channel of marketing

Through email marketing, you can have almost ROI of around 4,300% for your business.

Email advertising campaigns generated Revenue has increased so much since 2013

When it comes to ROI 60% of the Digital Marketers believe that Email marketing produces Positive ROI.

If we compare all the internet marketing options 40% of the qualified leads discover sites through Email.

Make the Email Tamplet user-friendly and Compatible with different devices because around 64% of the decision-makers read email through their mobiles phones.

If we notice that adding the social sharing buttons on the email messages will increase click-through rates by more than 150%

Email Marketing is Suitable for business to customer and business to business email marketing

Email Marketing Chain Process knowandask

Email Marketing/Advertising Process Chain:

1) Planning of the Marketing Strategy:

To Perform Email Marketing global targets and goals has to be defined which you want to achieve through Email Advertisement

2) Collecting Target Group Data:

Defining the goal, Targeting group members email addresses has to collect or rented.

All you need to obtain permission for sending them advertising emails.

3) Setting up the Database:

The data of the targeted groups like email ids and other information must be stored in the database that will personalize the emails accordingly.

4) Defining the Emailing Concept:

Now the main step for the email marketing where the concept of the emailing broadcasts is determined meaning the tactical objectives and the deriving communication frequency for instance or the tonality.

5) Producing The Contents:

For the targeted groups, appropriate contents have to be produced, it can be through editorial and advertising texts and emails in HTML format, photos, graphics or any other visual elements.

6) Set-up for Emailing:

The Final Set-up for emailing has to be done.

The order of the text to be classified and variable or optional text blocks have to be specified in addition to the decision which audience will receive the corresponding text block.

7) Email Blast:

After finishing the email are sent to the recipients in bulk quantity with the help of Email Marketing Software.

If specific email a personal email for each recipient has to be compiled and sent through the email advertising panel.

8) Evaluate Results:

After sending the mass emailing we need to analyze the data clicks, open, CTR, bounce rate, location and much more helping in evaluating your sales and campaigns output after the mass/bulk emailing.

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