Equity Market

An equity market is a place where buyer and seller of stocks meet, the investor can buy/sell the company shares which are either public stock or the once which are listed in the stock exchange, privately traded stocks.

The two stock exchanges in India:

  1. BSE: Bombay Stock Exchange
  2. NSE: National Stock Exchange

Equity market timing:

Opens : 09:15 am

Closes : 03:30 pm

Options available for the investors while investing in equity market whether its Buy/Sell order:

1) Nifty: Investor can invest the money in Bank Nifty or Nifty, based on lot size profit/loss is calculated.

  • Lot size for Bank nifty 1Lot=30rs
  • For Nifty 1lot =75rs.

2) Intraday: Investor has the option to invest the money in either Stock cash or Stock Future.

  • In the Stock cash based on your investment and the Companies current market prices [CMP], the number of shares is allocated to the investor. Ex: if “A” company has CMP=100 and your investment is Rs.5000 then the number of shares you will get is 5000/100=50 shares.
  • In case of Stock future, the profit/loss is calculated based on lot size which differs from company to company.

3) Options: Nifty options [Investor can invest by giving the call or put option same as buy or sell option] or Stock options based on lot size, lot size varies from company to company.

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