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Equity Market

An equity market is a place where buyers and sellers of stocks meet, the investor can buy/sell the company shares which are either public stock or the once which are listed in the stock exchange, privately traded stocks.

The two stock exchanges in India:

  1. BSE: Bombay Stock Exchange: BSE is an Indian stock exchange, which is the first and the largest securities market located at Dalal Street, Mumbai, India. The BSE was Established in the year 1875 and it is Asia’s oldest stock exchange.
  2. NSE: National Stock Exchange: NSE is India’s leading stock exchange which is located in Mumbai, India. The National Stock Exchange was established in the year 1992, as the country’s first dematerialized electronic exchange.

Equity market timing:

Opens: 09:15 am

Closes: 03:30 pm

Options available for the investors while investing in equity market whether its Buy/Sell order:

1) Nifty: Investor can invest the money in Bank Nifty or Nifty, based on lot size profit/loss is calculated.

  • The lot size for Bank nifty 1Lot=30rs
  • For Nifty 1lot =75rs.

2) Intraday: Investor has the option to invest the money in either Stock cash or Stock Future.

  • In the Stock cash based on your investment and the Companies current market prices [CMP], the number of shares is allocated to the investor. Ex: if “A” company has CMP=100 and your investment is Rs.5000 then the number of shares you will get is 5000/100=50 shares.
  • In the case of the Stock future, the profit/loss is calculated based on lot size which differs from company to company.

3) Options: Nifty options [Investor can invest by giving the call or put option the same as buy or sell option] or Stock options based on lot size, lot size varies from company to company.

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