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Facebook marketing-Digital marketing to promote your business on Facebook:

Step-By-Step Procedure To Facebook Marketing

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Now a day’s Social media has become the biggest platform for people to connect with each other whether it an individual person or its business to reach people, just with the help of some social media marketing strategy.

  • Through facebook marketing and social media marketing [Digital Marketing], the business can reach maximum people with fewer efforts.
  • Learn facebook marketing, Digital marketing and start promoting online through Facebook marketing, Instagram marketing, twitter marketing, LinkedIn marketing.
  • When we check the 2018 report, around 2 billion people are available on Facebook and login to there’s account every day, that's way facebook marketing is a good way to reach people.

Now you can understand that to reach maximum people its good to have a business online and especially on Facebook with the help of a Facebook page.

Learn how to make a facebook page here.

Before starting promotion you should know the aim of your promotion or what results in you want from the Facebook marketing, Digital Marketing choose the campaign accordingly.

Types of the Facebook Marketing campaigns:


digital marketing, facebook marketing knowandask

  1. Brand awareness and Reach campaign: You can run this campaign to make people aware of your business. Use this option, when you have launched a new product or started new business/services.
  2. Traffic: Use of this campaign when you want to drive traffic towards your website.
  3. Engagement: To make the new business/product reach many people and get more engagement or like and views use reach campaign.
  4. App installs: I have launched an application and wants to promote that app to people, make use of this campaign.
  5. Video View: People run this campaign mainly to get maximum video views for their video.
  6. Lead generation campaign: Use this campaign mainly to collect the information like name contact details and other information as per your business, so as to get in touch with those people later.
  7. Messages: Run this campaign when you want people to contact you for your services.
  8. The last row for conversion’s to convert people into clients, make them buy the product, visit your store or another action’s accordingly as per your business.

Choose from the above objective to run the campaign accordingly.

After choosing the campaign objective to promote your business with the help of facebook page, Let’s get started with the below step’s to make your campaign run and advertise your business online to reach people.

Follow the steps below [Brand Awareness]-Facebook Marketing:

digital marketing, facebook marketing knowandask

Choose the campaign, provide campaign name and a new window will open.

Page 1:

  • Provide an Ad set name.
  • Custom Audience: Use if you have old audience data to include and exclude the audience, or else leave.
  • Location: Exclude and include people based on location.
  • Age selection to promote people.
  • Gender: Whether to promote to all, male or female.
  • Language: Based on language selection you can select the audience.
  • Detailed targeting: People selection based on category, tag interests.
  • Placements: Where and how to make your post to appear.
  • Budgeting: The amount you want’s to invest and for daily and lifetime basis.

Note: you can check the audience size and estimated daily results on the right side as you make changes while selecting the data.

If selecting a lifetime budget, with a more advanced option you can do ad scheduling.

Click continue:

digital marketing, facebook marketing knowandaskPage 2:

  • Choose your business page and Instagram account[Optional]
  • Select the Ad format based on your business [Carousel, image, video, slide show]
  • After selecting the format, prepare your add below with live preview on the right side.
  • Fill all info, Heading, description, call to action, URL of the website.
  • Call To Action: Choose the appropriate option as per your business, What action you want people to take after seeing this promotion.
  • And continue to promote online.
  • Make use of digital marketing tactics to get maximum output from your business online.

Congratulation’s your promotion will start after some time.

Happy promoting on facebook marketing through digital marketing, learn more here at #knowandask


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  • July 25, 2018 at 8:20 pm

    This is why each marketing effort you make are able to reach because of your target audience as possible. But don’t just stick to the filtering technology employed with
    Facebook for the marketing needs. One of the downsides is unlike other networks, you’ll be able to call at your competitors’ bids.

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