Fantastic Gift Box Ideas for your loved ones

Giving and receiving gifts is the ultimate feeling of joy and pleasure. Gifts act as a sign of remembrance and care for someone. Nothing is more valuable than the happiness on ones face as he/she receives a gift.

Moreover, if the gifts are presented in a marvelous way it adds to the delight. Fantastic gift boxes packaging plays a significant role in this regard. There are unlimited options for design when it comes to gift packaging. Starting from simply wrapped box to great masterpieces, you have various ideas to work on.

With little creativity, you can design a perfect gift box for your loved one. Whether its birthday of someone special, wedding, anniversary or valentine’s day, a number of inspirational ideas are there which can convert an ordinary gift box to a special one.

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Some of the ideas are discussed below:

Fabric Gift Wrap:Fabric Gift Wrap gift box

Using fabric to wrap the gift boxes is an interesting innovative idea. It delivers a special feeling of warmth and affection along with the gift. You can use a colored or printed fabric for this purpose. People often like to create a combination of two or more colors for an enchanting effect. In winters, the use of woolen fabric is common. You can use any of your old knitted sweaters and decorate the package accordingly. A shiny fabric works at its best. Enclose it by making a knot at the top. You can also attach some beads and a tag to write a customized message for your loved one.

Keep it Natural gift boxKeep it Natural:

Such type of packaging is perfect to be used for Christmas gifts for your loved one. It is so charming that you can use it on any other occasion as well. Wrap the gift box with a natural colored paper. Use fresh leaves, tree clippings, pines cones or a bunch of flowers to decorate its top. Tie a ribbon on it. This will give more strength to your attached leaves and decreases the chance of falling off. Attach a handwritten, custom note to engage your loved one emotionally. This simple yet elegant combination of natural pieces greenery adds to the presentation of your packaging. 

Decorate with Initials:Decorate with Initials

Everyone feels pleasant to see his name or initials on the gift box. This creates a feeling the gift boxes are customized especially for them. Decorating the gift packaging in this way is an attractive idea. It provides an elegant display from outside. You can design them in any color schemes. Most commonly used colors schemes are silver or golden on black. It gives a shimmery look and makes initials more visible. First of all wrap the gift box with the desired color paper. Cut the name of your loved one or the initials on a piece of cardboard. Cover it with a glittery paper. Punch a hole and tie the alphabet on the gift box. You may also use ribbon bows to give an attractive view. You may also attach a memorable picture with your loved one on the gift box to make her feel special.  Such gift boxes by TheCustomBoxes are most commonly used on anniversary, wedding or other special occasions.

Glamorous Gift Wrapping with Glittery OrnamentsGlamorous Gift Wrapping with Glittery Ornaments:

Decorative ornaments attract everyone. An interesting idea is to give a Glam-it-Yourself look to your gift boxes. Cover them with a decorative paper. Attach mini glittery ornaments on the top of the box to add a festive touch. You can also hang them by using a ribbon or twine.

Add a Splash of Colors:gift box Splash of Colors

For creating sophisticated and eye-catchy gift boxes, the use of color is a useful tactic. Try innovative ideas like different colored polka dots, or a multi-colored wrapping sheet. You can also design a pom-pom by using various colored threads. All these ideas give a highly appealing effect to your gift packaging.

Garland Gift Wrap:

Decorating a gift box with a garland creates a new and innovative design for packaging your gift items. Use a wrapping paper in neutral colors like brown or light blue. Such light colors set a good tone for a garland or flowers arranged in a circular pattern. Attach the garland on the gift a few moments before presenting it to your loved one for a fresh and aromatic feeling.

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