File Income Tax Return ITR Online e filing

Facing issue in Filing your Income Tax Returns [ITR], Follow the steps below

File Income Tax Returns ITR it’s not too hard, e filing can be done easily just follow the below step by step procedure to file ITR online or E-filing.

This is a high time to file your earnings Duty Return now, Income Tax Returns [ITR] e filling.

Here are the steps to guide you on “How to File Income Tax Returns [ITR]” and how to do the e filing.

Read on and file your Income Tax Returns [ITR] in a fairly easy and quick manner because of the last date to efiling is very, download income tax form and fill all the details to file it.

Steps to follow:

If you are a first-time comeback filer, register yourself on the income tax department’s established, E-filing portal

Visit Website Click here

Here your long lasting account quantity (PAN) will act as your user ID.

Keep key documents helpful, including the Form sixteen, Form 26AS (tax credit statement), bank statements, duplicate of returns filed previous year, capital gains affirmation from mutual funds and brokers.

Go to the ‘Downloads’ tab to download the Income Tax Returns [ITR] preparation software (JAVA or Excel utility) for the relevant analysis year.

If duty is due, associated with payment immediately and your details in the appropriate plan. Repeat above step so that tax payable changes ‘zero’.

Enter all data and click on ‘Calculate’ to compute the tax and interest the liability and final figure of refund or tax payable.

Prepare the come back using the downloaded software application; pre-populate the personal details and tax payments/TDS by clicking on the ‘pre-fill’ button. Compare with the data you have to ensure that nothing is left out.

Income Tax Returns [ITR]
Income Tax Returns [ITR]
Make and save the ITR data in XML format.

Login to the e-filing website, go to ‘e-file’ and click ‘Upload Return’.

Find the relevant Income Tax Returns [ITR], Assessment Year and XML file saved.

In case of physical verification, you will have to send the published and signed ITR-V form to the I-T department’s CPC in Bengaluru by post within 120 times of e-filing you come back; an acknowledgment from the department confirming receipt will complete the process.

If you have not used DSC, ITR-V must be downloaded, you can also choose to create electronic verification code through your bank ATM/net bank or use Aadhar-based OTP for e-verification.

Publish Digital Signature Certificate (DSC), if you have developed one and it is registered with the website, and click the ‘Submit’ button. In this case, your process will now be considered complete.

Also, you can Check

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