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Five Top Tips on Adapting eCommerce Websites for Millennials

The online shopping market has changed drastically, mainly with the growth of the millennial demographic, who have grown up with deep discounts and convenience offered by e-retailers. Millennials are a whole lot more connected than most other shoppers and they are using the online channel to become better-informed customers.

They also want to see and feel what they’re buying, and they aren’t completely skipping the in-store experience. But what they do want is an integrated, seamless shopping experience, everything the same, same products, same pricing, same discounts, whether that be in-store, online, or on their phones.

For retailers, you need to understand that you will lose millennial customers if you don’t give them what they want, when they want it.

Which brings me onto accessibility, as millennials use multiple tech devices, 87% of millennials use between two and three tech devices at least once on a daily basis. They are up to date with the latest tech developments when something new comes out, you can bet that millennials will be on the case.

In order to compete and keep your brand relevant, you will need to engage and appeal to millennials and new platforms as they are released. Successful online retailers need to know their customers exactly and follow and meet their needs.

Millennials will, inevitably, gradually change the ecommerce landscape, which in turn will present new requirements to shopping online. And, the online community should consider any new changes and adapt to ensure they can provide Millennials with the most effective way to make purchases online.

Five Top Tips on Adapting eCommerce Websites for Millennials
Here are a few top tips to consider if you have an ecommerce site, to make the most of targeting millennials:

Follow Up Email

Millennials will appreciate authentic follow-up emails, following millennials after a purchase is vital as they willingly share their genuine opinion on a product or service, mainly on social or online. Not to mention they are receptive to this channel of communication, as price drops or bargain deals are often sent out through email campaigns. So make sure you take advantage of this, a follow-up email extension is a great solution.


Millennials are dedicated content consumers, and one great way of targeting them is with a well-structured blog. Your blog should use a convincing and persuasive tone of voice to appeal to them. If you gain a millennial’s trust, it is likely then that they will tell their friends and family about your brand or product. Make sure you have the ability to regularly blog.

Social Login

Logging in to your store via different social media channels will endear you to millennials, as they are strongly engaged on a variety of social media. Discounts and product reviews are strong here, personal opinions on social are highly credible. Make sure all social channels and your website connect seamlessly.

Gift Cards

Gift cards can be an effective way to increase your online sales, acquire new customers, and encourage return visits. Electronic gift cards are preferred by millennials as they are more convenient and you can’t really lose them. Within this tech-savvy day and age, they can get, access and spend gift e-cards easily and without any hurdles or annoyances.

So, help your customers send and use gift cards by making sure your ecommerce site can offer and take gift cards easily with a website Gift Card extension.

Optimized Speed

Millennials want fast browsing, as well as fulfillment when it comes to services or products. So make sure your site is fast, you can do this by ensuring you are running the latest version of your website. Look at compressing image files to reduce the size and increase speed, and maybe keep the number of third party extensions to a minimum, to limit the level of extra processing.

So, if the majority of your customers are between 15 and 34 years old, which is most likely the case, you might want to look at your online retail approach in order to meet the Millennials’ ever-growing demand for fast, integrated shopping.

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    To compete and stay relevant, you’ll need to interact and appeal to millennials as well as new platforms as they become available.

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