Four must places to visit in Indonesia

Indonesia is one of the most wonderful and amazing places in the world, by holding 17,000 islands in it. Everyone wish to enjoy their jolly days in this wonderful place by exploring its history, culture, traditions, food, shopping and many more. Though Indonesia presents a lot more to view along with its beautiful nature, visitors of this place may not be able to view everything in one visit. So, the best thing is to view the topmost attractions of Indonesia first and other places later. The most popular and four must place to visit in Indonesia by every tourist are given below.

  1. Jakarta

Jakarta is the capital city of the Indonesian country and is the busiest city with a huge number of people surviving. Jakarta is a city with a total population of 9 million people living here. One of the most important things is that this city holds an international airport, which serves both domestic as well as international airways to any part of the world. This airport is the largest airport in the entire Indonesia.

This city offers many places to visit for its tourists and amazing sightseeing places. Apart from that Jakarta allows its visitors to enjoy an amazing nightlife in the traveler bars located at JalanJaksa.Jakarta also comforts its tourist’s tummies with yummy and delicious food in the cities best restaurants.

Another best thing tourists can enjoy in the evenings is the mouth-watering street food all-over the Jakarta. This city also offers some of its visitors to shop in their free time. Visitors of Jakarta can explore many more hidden treasures of this city in their tour. You can plan your complete Jakarta Travel plan with amazing Yatra Coupon Codes for flight and hotel bookings. Travellers of Indonesia must visit Jakarta City either while starting of their visitor even at the end. So don’t miss the amazing beauty of Jakarta in Indonesia tour.

places to visit in Indonesia

    2. Bali

Bali is yet another most important and popular island and a place to visit in Indonesia by every visitor. This case offers some of the most amazing places to enjoy in the trip by every visitor. Bali has famous seven oceanside Hindu temples that were built in the 16th century. People who wish to look at various species can visit the popular monkey forest located in this city.

This city also presents travelers to visit the adventurous wildlife at Bali safari. A visitor who has a lot of time to spend in Bali can also visit Marine Park and can also enjoy amazing night safari. Most of the visitors will be excited to view different species of birds that are present in the Bali bird park.

Visitors of the Bali can never forget the experience of viewing sunset at one of the holy temples that are Pura Tanah Lot, this is a famous sacred Hindu temple. Bali is that island in the Indonesian country that has a huge number of beaches, where one can relax happily near the shore. This place also entertains the visitors with misty treks that are present across the volcanoes. Travelers can relax after a day-long journey in the most popular spas that are famous in Bali or set a party in the Bali night clubs.

   3. Komodo

Komodo another famous island present in Indonesia and popular place to visit in Indonesia is popularly known as the pink beach. May everyone gets surprised by the word pink beach, but this island is a combination of white and red sand that gives the output as a pink colour. This makes Komodo a beautiful island and one can never miss this place in their journey to Indonesia at all. So, they need to take time to visit beaches in Komodo Island that give an amazing experience.

Scuba divers, this is the perfect place for you to enjoy driving in these beaches with full of joy and enthusiasm. Komodo Island also presents its tourists to visit yet another great place in this city. It is nothing, but Komodo dragon which is popular all over the world and is well known as the largest living lizard on the earth.

Visitors can also experience the flying foxes which are known as large fruit bats in the star-filled night sky. Komodo national park is one of the UNESCO world heritage site present in the Indonesian country.

    4. Mount Bromo

Mount Bromo is one of the wonderful places that everyone needs to visit without missing in Indonesia on their trip to this place. This place gives a totally different type of wild adventure to its visitors and an exciting experience that one never forgets. Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park offers various wild animals to view.

One can have a thrilling experience of dormant volcanoes and standing at the iconic mountains. All these can either be viewed in a horse ride or else in jeep ride. Make a complete plan with affordable hotels in Indonesia with amazing discounts and deals by using Oyo Offers for hotel booking.

The above mentioned are the four must place to visit in Indonesia without missing a chance by every visitor. So, why waiting plan a trip to Indonesia or else take a look at these places when you visit Indonesia next time.

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