Helium Technology Hard Drives Are The Future

We are living in an amazing time where technology is appreciated by everyone. Every day the world is coming up with something new and innovative apps are changing the way we interact with the world. There are various apps for a workout, your diet, and whatnot. The technology has reached almost every sphere and has gotten its roots into everything.

The technology has also been into the computer and its hardware since its inception. From the mid-1970s to 2019, the technology has changed the way we store data in a PC. The latest example of such technology is the availability of helium technology hard drives.

These hard drives came not so long ago and were not available commercially. In November 2013, the largest hard drive which was available was 6 terabytes. But now we are seeing the biggest capacities up to 10 TB that are available n the market. Another year and you will be seeing the hard drives up to 16 TB to 21 TB. various companies have been purchasing and deploying the helium-filled hard drives over the past year. The companies have started looking at the very fewer failure rates of Helium-filled hard drives as compared to the air-filled hard drives.

In the Air-filled hard drive, there is a disk that is spinning at the RPM of 7200. The air inside the hard drive is causing resistance to the platters. On the other hand, Helium is lighter than air. This is the reason why the balloons that are filled with helium float higher in the air. When you are replacing the air inside the Hard Drive with the Helium, this will reduce the amount of drag. This is why hard disks such as HGST 0F27352 Ultrastar are faster and with a storage space of 10 TB.

Helium Technology Hard Drives

This is also true that helium-filled balloons may float in the air for some time, but when after a while they come down as the helium escapes from the balloon. This is not only the case with the balloon also with other containers as well. The hard drive manufactures took years to create the container that could easily contain the helium in them while also functioning with the spinning disks. This container innovation made it possible that the helium-hard drives function well throughout their lifetime.

Helium is the second lightest as well as the second most available element in the universe. Helium i safe as it does not react with anything. It is 1/7th the density of the air. When you replace air with Helium, it is going to cause less turbulence inside, delivering various advantages at once.

Here are some notable advantages of helium advantages for hard drives:

  • The helium is going to squeeze the tracks together meaning that there will be more data per disk.
  • Thinner the hard disks, more the disks. There used to be 5 disks but now it has 8.         More the disks, the more the data storage.
  • The thinner the hard disks, the es power they are going to require spinning.
  • There is less drag for the disks in the helium hard drives, which makes it spin faster as compared to the hard disks filled with air.
  • Lesser the drag in the hard disk, the lesser is going to be the noise.
  • The helium hard drives are sealed which keeps the helium inside and keeps the contaminants out.


The key to making the best hard drive is by reducing the power consumption while packing more data in one HDD. helium makes it possible and makes it possible that we can have high capacity hard drives like HGST 0F27352 Ultrastar. This has come as the perfect recipe for the innovation in storage. Decades have been spent on making a container to contain helium, which was way before even way before the smartphones existed.

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