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How To Buy Your First Cycle – A Complete Guide

Which Cycle should I buy?

It’s been a long time since I’ve heard this question from friends and readers who are looking to get the first Cycle, please someone, or even those who are looking to upgrade. There are so many models, brands and styles available in the market today that it is difficult to decide which Cycle to take, especially when it comes to buying your Cycle for the first time. You can also follow Cycle Corner for more details. To guide and facilitate the decision to purchase your Cycle, we elaborate 3 steps, with questions to answer you and tips of general aspects to guide your choice:

Step 1 – What is your purpose?

Before calculating the value to be invested in the bicycle, define what will be its purpose of use, considering the environments:
• City (urban / bicycle lane / leisure / parks)
• Mountain (dirt roads / cycle paths / mountain biking / trails / enduro / downhill)
Maneuvers (BMX Race / BMX Track / Dirt Jump)
• Road (asphalt / speed / training / triathlon / counter)

How To Buy Your First Cycle

Step 2 – What is the intensity?

After defining the purpose, is it important to predict how many times per week you intend to use the Cycle? What are your expected income from the equipment and its ambitions of use? That is, what will be its frequency and intensity of use, from daily use to transport, equipment for travel, competitions, tours …)
• Recreational (weekends and holidays)
• Sports (training and competitions)
• Transportation (daily use)
• Specials (eg customized Cycles, fast cycles …)

Step 3 – Time for decision

After answering the above questions, you are more prepared and about to invest your money with much more goal and focus on the right product for you. So the next step is to sculpt a price range according to the equipment you want, as prices can vary from one brand to another, even between Cycles with the same or similar components. Search the internet, but give yourself the option to close the deal in person, with a chance to test the Cycle before you buy.
It is important to emphasize that there are models of specific frames for each gender and biotype of the human being, that is, Cycles have frames of different sizes, either withdrawing (geometry) for children, women, and men. Think of the following analogy when you buy your 1st Cycle: a bicycle is like a shoe, it has to be a model according to the occasion; be at the correct size; and experience.

8 Basic Tips for Buying a Bicycle:

1 – Bicycle is equal to shoe, has a format (frame geometry) specific for children, men and women;
2 – Bicycles have frames with sizes appropriate to the height of the user;
3 – Bicycles have different wheel sizes, try to understand the advantages and disadvantages of each model before opting for a market trend or “fashion”;
4 – The experience of testing your Cycle and getting your own prints is always worth more than any advertisement;
5 – Give preference to a bicycle of more quality, since generally products in offers in large retail stores, has reduced useful life;
6 – Search the internet and physical stores. Lose time by getting information, compare components;
7 – Specialty stores are great sources of information and can usually offer a specific product for its purpose;
8 – Remember that in addition to the bicycle, it is important to get pedaling with the safety equipment, such as helmet, glasses, and light. And if you pedal in the city, do not forget the lighting system.

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