How to Dress Like A Local Morocco

Language, Clothes, Food, Music, these things tell about the lifestyle of the people of a specific region and if you are to bridge the gaps of culture, some understanding of it can benefit you. As a traveler, you are out to explore the world of different identities and origins.

Talking about Morocco tourism, it is so unique in the Arab African Culture, the past, still alive influences of neighboring countries. As a traveler, one could taste different traditional dishes, look like a local Berber or an urban Moroccan to add more fun in his trip to Morocco.

Morocco is so special in terms of its culture, geography, traditions, history and the enthusiastic people owning everything belongs to their land. I’ve seen in Morocco that people still wearing Djellaba, Kaftan, the old traditional dresses and eventually it became famous in the outer world as well.

Tourists come to visit the destinations of their choice but don’t forget to buy the traditional dresses and the things Morocco has to attract them by. Let’s talk about the dresses of Moroccan men and women and how significant they are.

Dress Like A Local Morocco

Moroccan Men’s traditional wear

Djellaba is the common traditional dress men and women both wear. It is a full-sleeved long dress comes in different light and dark colors and different designs. It is said that the long dresses like Djellabatraveled from Ottoman Empire and reached Morocco but historically there is no clue to back this argument.

Beautiful, Charming cotton made Djellabas are made both for men and women and now famous worldwide.

If you want to look like a local Moroccan with owning traditions, you have to buy the light colored Dress along with the traditional cap, Fez, to cover your head. Your dress is not yet completed because you haven’t bought the brown colorBabouche, that is the sleeper locals use to wear for years, or maybe centuries.

When I was there to buy a brown Babouche, I couldn’t have the size of my wear for so long. I found it in Marrakech’s old market, from a shop selling children’s shoes.

I then came to know that this kind of shoe is available in many colors and sizes.  Babouche is a leather wear people mostly use to wear on special occasions. Djellaba is not yet completed, It includes one more item and that is a Qob.

It is a baggy hood people use to wear to support the dress. It protects you in winters and the strong sandy winds.

Dress Like A Local Morocco

It is not for men only, Djellaba comes in many designs and interpretations according to the moderns times and the Women’s fashion. You will find in many dark and lights colors and ornate patterns. You will find the Djellabbas designed by attractive beadings and glass work. Djellabas of kids sizes are selling at every stall in Morocco.

Women Wear Kaftan and much more

Moroccan Kaftan is long-sleeved, silk or cotton made, a dress of many various colors and designs. Kaftan represents the diversity of cultural identities and heritage influences. It is worn by all the classes of society as a common dress, Kaftan is mostly been used on a special occasion like a wedding or other celebrations.

Takchita is another Moroccan traditional dress. It is a two piece dress, the kaftan is a one-piece suit with its own significance. Coming back to Takchita, it is an assembly of two parts, Takchita and Dfina. It is a bridal dress which is traditionally been using since so long in Morocco.

Local Morocco

Haik, a white costume is a traditional dress covers the whole body except the face and hands is famous in the cold region of Morocco. It is said that the opposite of the Haik is Gandoura which is used to wear in Summers.

This is a famous Berber dress used by both women and women. When in Morocco, wearing Gandoura would add great fun in your experiences in Morocco.

Aladin Trousers

Another famous Moroccan traditional dress is Aladin trousers. That is more known to the children because Aladin is the most favorite character for many.

You will ask that Aladin was a Persian Character, how is this a Moroccan dress. It originates from Persia but now adopted as a fashion for many Arab countries.

Aladin trousers are baggy in its original design and Moroccan people feel comfortable and love to wear them. Not only locals, but the tourists also get attracted to this costume and wear it while touring Morocco.

More interestingly, do you know that the dress code tells the whole story of the region? Morocco in this regard is so diverse. Every dress represents its own region and the culture and traditions linked to it.

As a tourist, you will be having a great opportunity to try different fascinating dresses of different regions and be like a local.

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