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How to Plan a Perfect Link Building Campaign

Having an effective and quality link building campaign becomes indispensable if you want to increase the organic traffic of your website, strengthen its authority and improve its search engine positioning.

With an effective link building strategies for your website, you can improve your website online presence.

I assume that this interests you, so read on to discover everything you need to know to achieve great results with your link building campaign!

If you are not aware of what is link building in SEO, then check below.

Reasons for a link building campaign

Link building is an essential element that you must consider yes or yes when optimizing the SEO of your website. If you wonder why to read on and discover these four great reasons!

  • Increase your web traffic
  • Enhance the authority of your page
  • Improve the ranking of your site on Google
  • Strengthen the image of your brand
  • Increase your web traffic

Having backlinks on relevant websites within your sector can refer many users to your site, which increases the chances of reaching more people and acquiring your products or services.

Enhance the authority of your page

Link building in SEO can help to increase your website authority, When linked from a quality website, part of its authority will be transmitted to your site, which is what is called link juice. This is one of the main reasons why every webmaster wants to be linked from reputable pages.

Improve the ranking of your site on Google

As a direct consequence of the previous points, by having your website with more traffic and with greater authority, Google will understand that things are being done well on your page and that you can be useful for users, so it will improve your visibility in your ranking.

Strengthen the image of your brand

Link building in SEO can help you Gaining visibility in search engines and reaching more and more individuals will strengthen your brand image and allow you to strengthen and gain relevance within your niche market. To enhance your branding strategy you must have a prominent presence on the Internet.

Any of these reasons is more than enough reason to implement a link building campaign, but the four together form a pack too interesting to ignore, don’t you think?

Conducting a quality link building campaign requires an important preliminary analysis, you should not rush when implementing actions because, in the end, you may be wasting time, effort and money.

Let’s see what the steps to follow are!

How to plan a link building campaign

As you can see, the first steps of your link building campaign must be based primarily on knowing your niche market, your situation in it and, of course, that of your competitors.

Once you have visibility on the terrain you are going to work on, you can start implementing actions. Let’s see what the phases of your link building campaign should be:

  • Conduct a study of the competition
  • Calculate the average number of links
  • Calculate the percentage of anchors text
  • Calculate the percentage of NoFollows
  • Identify the most popular and powerful links
  • Get the free links
  • Calculate the investment to be made

Perfect Link Building Campaign

Conduct a study of the competition

With this first step, you will start shaping your link building campaign. It is not about conducting a thorough and detailed study of the competitors with whom you will duel for your niche; but to be aware of where you are, where they are and where you should get to.

For this, you can use some metrics such as DA, DR or TF. To do this, you will have to use tools like Moz, Ahrefs and Majestic, respectively. With these values, ​​you can get a rough first idea of ​​the much or little work that lies ahead.

Calculate the average number of links

To continue planning your link building campaign you need to know the links that your competition gets every X time. To do this, you will have to use the tools again. Once you know the links they get on average, you will know how many you will have to get.

I to elaborate on my employment strategies Ahrefs, but it is not the only option available. Choose the tool you choose, remember that the tools are also people and make mistakes, so keep in mind that the data extracted will not be 100% accurate.

Calculate the percentage of anchors text

As you well know, there are several types of anchor text. In this phase of planning, you will have to define what percentage of each type you need and for this, again, the smartest thing is to look at what your competition is doing.

Also for this mission, my favorite tool is Ahrefs, but Majestic SEO does not lag. As we have said that the tools have a certain margin of error, the ideal is that you use both and compare the results they offer you.

It is very common to hear that abusing certain types of text anchors (especially those of keywords) can end up bringing problems to your page. Although this is partly true, it is necessary to make a small nuance: it depends on the niche.

What suits you for one sector does not work for others. Even in one sector, you can use 30% of anchors with keywords, while in another niche with 20% you already risk being penalized.

That is why it is so important that you take as a reference to what your competition is doing and try to replicate it. If it’s working for them, why wouldn’t it work for you?

Calculate the percentage of NoFollows

Just as you already know the links that you need to obtain periodically and the percentage of widths in which you must move within your niche, you also need to know the relationship of Follows and NoFollows links that looks natural in your sector.

For this, I have a preference for Semrush, but the truth is that any of the other tools help you define this data of your link building campaign.

Identify the most powerful links

It could be said that in this step of planning your link building campaign is when the matter begins to get interesting. Let’s put the percentages aside and start looking at the links.

Compare the links with your competitors, identify the strongest and make a list with them. At the moment you will only have to control them, but when your strategy starts to run you will have to get them little by little according to the guidelines and percentages that you have identified in the previous phases.

You can make the comparison with Majestic, Semrush, with Seoprofiler, with the Link Intersect tool from Ahrefs … Again, the options are several, so try several of them until you find the one that is most comfortable for you.

Get the free links

As we are interested in knowing the strongest links of our competitors, we are also interested in knowing what the free links they have because are… Well, because they are free!

With free I mean directories, forums, comments, profiles … Basically, to all those links that we can get without having to spend a single penny or invest time in contacting and dialoguing with any webmaster.

That the links come from forums, profiles or directories does not have to imply that they are bad or harmful, although surely you will find some that are. Here you already come into play – hopefully – good criteria to keep your website safe.

Latest SEO Techniques

Calculate the investment to be made

The last step you have to take when planning your link building campaign is to calculate the economic effort that you will have to make and the time you will need to, first of all, reach your competitors and, later, overcome them.

The advisable thing for this is to plan an investment strategy. That is, draw a route to follow regarding the money that will be allocated each period to achieve the proposed objectives.

Now that you know the steps you must take to shape your link building campaign, there is no explanation for you to start strengthening your website with a good link building strategy.

However, before you roll up your sleeves and get down to work, there are four indications that I want to share with you. They can save you a lot of trouble, so keep that in mind!

4 mistakes to avoid in your link building campaign

It is not necessary to tell you that these are not the only mistakes you can make, but they are the most serious ones that can generate some odd problems with our good friend Google. Take note:

  • Prioritize quantity to quality
  • Generate reciprocal links
  • Buy links
  • Generate many links in a short time

Prioritize quantity to quality

Although at first, it may seem complicated to get good links, you should not despair and end up accepting the first link opportunity that comes your way. Be selective.

Remember that a link that arrives from a website focused on your same niche will benefit you much more than five sectors that have nothing to do with the activity of your page.

Therefore, you should run away from link farms because they touch all the themes and none at the same time. Also, having so many outbound links will barely transfer link juice.

Remember also that it is better to have two backlinks from different domains than four from the same domain. With this in mind, once you have a link on a website, delete it from your list and focus your efforts on others.

Generate reciprocal links

Although link exchange is a common practice in any link building campaign, Google does not see this practice as natural. Since SEO is sacred for Google, you will have to perform these kinds of actions intelligently.

If you do not know the Google algorithm well, it is easy to fall into this error: I put a link and you put me to my other. However, Google is naturally flagged and if you do this your alarms are likely to go off.

Therefore, these types of actions must be carried out promptly and moderation. Make sure that the link you are going to get is quality for your website and allow a reasonable amount of time to pass before returning the backlink.

Buy links

Bluntly: link buying is a black hat SEO practice pursued and penalized by Google. Although, if carried out with ahead, it is a difficult practice to detect for the search engine from which you can make a tremendous revenue in your link building campaign.

Is it worth the risk? That is a decision that you will have to value. It will help you increase the authority of your site, with all the benefits that entail; but the quality traffic that I contribute will be quite limited.

The ideal is to have a good link baiting strategy that provides you with natural links and quality traffic, which will help you greatly improve the SEO of your website.

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Generate many links in a short time

Does that sound like “you don’t have to want to run before you start walking”? Apply it to your website. Pretending to grow as soon as possible by generating many links with your link building campaign is a mistake that you can end up paying dearly.

If your website gets on average five monthly links, for example, it is not natural that, suddenly, get twenty. As I have already mentioned, Google carries the naturalness by the flag and this type of practice can make its alarms jump.

A link building campaign should be raised in the medium-long term, so you should not pretend to get all the links and deplete all your resources immediately. Do it progressively and intelligently, in this way the great seeker will see it as normal.

Now you know what to do and what not to do when shaping the link building campaign of your website. You just have to put everything into practice and enjoy watching your site rise like foam in search engines.

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