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Worried about your online Presence/ Reputation?

Yes, you should be because People check up online about your business before making any decisions about you based on what they find online and to maintain that you need to have a proper online reputation management strategy and proper online reputation management tools to perform ORM for your Business.

So What? ORM (online reputation management):

Online Reputation Management plays an important part in the Digital Marketing of maintaining your positive online presence and controlling the results which show up when people are searching for you online which can be Search Engine Results, Social Media, forums, PR sites, News, and other Online platforms.

Online reputation management involves cleaning up your negative reviews, social media post, and images and replacing it with positive reviews and content about your company you can do with a proper online reputation management strategy or approach any online reputation management company.

Importance of online reputation management

Why online reputation management?

Importance of Online Reputation Management:
  • Grow your online business.
  • Increasing sales.
  • Improve your website SEO ranking.
  • Increasing Customer Trust & Credibility.
  • Positive Online Presence/ Professional Image.
Online reputation management strategy/ Steps:
  • To start with ORM, first, you need to create a strong online monitoring process, set alerts for your brand name, services or connecting keywords, and improve your response time also.
  • Go online and conduct a full online audit for your brand using the search terms like “company suck” “I hate the company ” “Worst Company to” and other negative terms with your brand name to see the online results.
  • Create a strong online reputation management strategy, plan and clean-up list for your Online brand.
  • Assign someone from your company to respond to the online reviews and delete all your fake accounts from Social Media or if not then approach some good online reputation management companies to assist you in this task because it can impact your brand.
  • Negative domain Keywords: buy all the negative keyword domain name as per your brand and keep them updated with the positive content.

For eg: “your brand”, “your brand”, “your brand”

  • Try to create a strong positive online presence through Social Medi Management (SMM).
  • Regularly create and share some engaging content like memes, images, infographics or just text.
  • Be active online and comment on others’ content.
  • Build a community a platform for you to share your company content and for people to discuss you and your company.


Things to Remember for Online reputation management:

  • The website with Reviews, testimonials, and Blog pages.
  • Buy All the Negative domains.
  • A new page with all the positive content on the website.
  • Rapid Response on all social media platforms.
Let’s see some Important and Best Online Reputation Management Tools:
Google Alerts:

Google Alerts is a free online reputation management tool and one of the most effective tool from Google for ORM. You can set alerts for the terms you want to get notifications for like you’re your brand name, any Keywords you are targeting and mention the type of result and the frequency of how often you want to receive the alerts.

Once done google will send you alerts for the keyword mentioned to your mailbox directly on a real-time basis so that you can take action accordingly and it will improve your response rate also, maintaining your online reputation.

online reputation management tools


The SocialMention Another online reputation management tool, a free social media search and analysis tool aggregates content from all over online media into a single stream of information.

It can easily track down what people are talking about you, your products, services and more on all the social media platforms like Facebook, twitter, youtube, Google+ and others Social Media platforms.


This tool is free and for everyone from individuals to corporate companies to find their brand name, their targeted keywords or trademarked terms mentioned on over 500 social networks in the Social Media Platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Quora, LinkedIn, and many others.

Once you find the name on any other site with this tool you can approach that website owner and ask them to update or delay that, else you can hire any ORM specialist or content online reputation management company.


Awario is social listening and ORM tool that help to monitor what people are talking about your brand online and on social media platforms, also you can analyze the same with the help of analytics tools within Awario, and check your brand’s positive and negative reviews.

You can even mention your competitor and these tools will help you in the competitor analysis and create a powerful monitoring alert of your competitor.

Awario is a paid ORM tool that comes with a free trial so that you can explore its features.


Reputology is another powerful paid tool that is very useful for local businesses to track their online reviews on a real-time basis.

With the help of the Reputology ORM tool you monitor reviews from Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Google also you can respond to these reviews with the help of their application.

Reputology charges many changes based on location but still, you can explore this tool with the free trial they provide.

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