Keywords Research for Website SEO

Keywords Research for Website SEO

Before you start the SEO for your website the first steps is to find the list of keywords for your online Business, Perform keywords research using the keyword research tool which is an important part in any SEO and Digital Marketing Activities.

Keywords can play a major part in the digital marketing strategy for your business.

What is the Keyword:

keyword, in the context of search engine optimization (SEO), is a word or phrase that describes the content of a Web page and keywords in SEO optimization.

Keywords form part of a Web page’s content and Metadata and help search engines match a page with an appropriate search query

In the simple term, “keywords are the words and phrases typed by the users in search engines to find the information they are looking for”.

Keyword research for Website SEO

How To Finds Keywords for your website:

  • Write Down obvious Keywords related to your business.
  • Look at a competitor website
  • Split/Merged Words
  • Your Company Name
  • Your Company Products/ Services.
  • Competing Terms

Types Of Keywords:

  • Generic: These Keywords have Higher search volume, costly, High competition
  • Broad Match: These Keywords have Moderate search volume, costly, High competition
  • Long Tail: These Keywords have Low search volume, less cost, Medium / Low competition

Perform Keyword Research:

Choose one seed keywords as per your services and your domain, then collect all the set of Short Tail [Broad Match]and Long Tail Keywords for your website content.

Eg: Digital Marketing

Google Search is One of the best free keyword research tools to get choose keywords for your content is Google’s suggestion, Google keywords research tool for free.

Enter your keyword in the Google Search and it will show you all the Similar results and long-tail keywords people searching online, you can add these keywords to your website for more traffic.

Google Suggestion free Keyword suggestions tool

Google Keyword Planner:

Another best free keyword research tool for Website SEO by Google Keyword Planner

Enter the keyword in the Keyword Planner and it will show you similar and long-tail keywords with their search volume and difficulty suggested by google with CPC cost.

Choose the Best Keywords and relevant Keywords for your business with High and Medium Search volume and Low and Medium Competiton.

Google Keywords planner Free keyword research tool

Lsigraph Best Longtail keyword Tool

LSI graph Tool:

One of the best tools to get a Longtail Keywords suggestion for your broad match keyword.

Broad match keywords will have more competition and ranking is also difficult therefore you can get long-tail keywords for your website, use them in your website and get high traffic and ranking in google search results.

Use these Longtail keywords to prepare your website Post, Article and other Places.

Keywords Everywhere:

Keywords everywhere chrome extension helps in keywords research and finding similar keywords for the Search Query.

Once you enter your keyword in Google Search bar you will get the Keywords suggestion and search volume results.

Currently keywords everywhere is Paid tool but still, you can view the similar keywords result with this tool for search volume you need to take the paid version.

keywords everywhere Best keyword research tool for seo at knowandask
Keywords Everywhere
Ubersuggest Best keyword research tool for seo
Ubersuggest Best keyword research tool for SEO

Eg: Short Tail[Root Keyword] Digital Marketing

Keywords Suggestion’s: “digital marketing definition

digital marketing wiki

digital marketing examples

what is digital marketing strategy

digital marketing pdf

digital marketing courses

digital marketing salary

digital marketing jobs”

Once Keywords are found use them in your website:
  • Keywords can be used in the Meta tags of your website.
  • Keywords can be used in articles, posts, images, and other website content.
How Keywords are connected to your website ranking on Search Engine:
  • The User enters the Keyword in the Search engine.
  • Search Engine “scan” documents to discover keywords
  • Look for patterns, connected phrases, and similar words
  • Determines what the content is about
  • Analyses relevancy in comparison to other URLs
  • Index Pages with details of the page topic and content.
  • And Shows the Results to the User in ranking order.
Importance of keywords on your website For Digital Marketing:
  • Keywords are used by search engine algorithms to determine the relevance of the webpage
  • Keywords help to rank website and content within a search engine and can increase organic traffic.
  • Allows you page to compete for popular searches and content in high demand.
  • Opportunity to find your ideal audience and build subscribers.
Free best keyword research tool for SEO:
Paid best keyword research tool for SEO:

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