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Tips and tricks to better Sell Any Car in Dubai

Dubai market can be challenging to sell cars. There is too much competition. The general public has a good amount of income they can spare and new models of cars from around the world are easily available. There are also good insurance options for cars available. Also, banks are offering loans to buy a car on very easily paid installments for loans. When there are so many options available, it becomes difficult to get customers to buy your

However there are some tips and tricks to better sell any car in Dubai and in this article these are compiled with the help of experienced people sharing their insights to help better sell a car in competitive market of Dubai.

Tips and tricks to better Sell Any Car in Dubai

Try on various platforms simultaneously

In order to get the best price, it is recommended that you try out your luck on various selling channels so that you get the estimates from various places. This is a difficult process because now a days so many online platforms have been built that is difficult even to narrow down to a few. Also you get so many calls once you put up your ad and sadly there are hardly any serious buyers. Most of the people are trying to get the estimated price without actually having the intention to buy the car.

Use unpaid classified pages

In Dubai OLX (formerly Dubizzle) is the largest platform which allows you to put up free ads for your car. There is a huge market of people who buy and sell things through OLX in the whole Middle East. Apart from this major newspapers like Khaleej Times and Gulf News have free online classified pages where you can post your car ad and its pics.

Refine the Appearance

Make the car clean and tidy before putting it up for the show. Make sure you clean it from inside and outside. Also, complete the paperwork of the car. Complete the insurance payments that are pending. Also, make sure that there are no pending fines or police cases with the car. Once all the legal formalities are completed only then put up the car for sale.

Keep the price fair

There are disadvantages for keeping the prices high or low than what is reasonable. Keeping them high will not get you any buyer and keeping them very low will make people suspect that there is something wrong with your automobile.

Go to car dealership markets

There are a number of used car markets in Dubai. You can take your car there for evaluation and sale. But always show to multiple dealers so you can cut a fair deal and make an informed decision. You will definitely need to haggle over the prices as the dealer will start with lowest prices.

Spread the word as much as you can on your own

Putting up the ad on online platforms can generate a lot of unwelcomed responses for you too which can be annoying as well as overwhelming. So in order to avoid unwanted attention, it is better to first use yourpersonal social media like Facebook and Twitter. Here the buyer pool is smallbut only genuinely interested people will respond.

So these are some of the Tips and tricks to better Sell Any Car in Dubai. Do follow these and we can assure you that you can sell your car in no time.

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