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Learn how to create a Facebook page and it’s importance

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People ask many times: Why Facebook Page?

The only things I say them is why not facebook for your Personal branding or business.

Nowadays Social media has become the biggest platform for people to connect with each other whether it an individual person or its business to reach people.

Through social media, a business can reach maximum people with fewer efforts and with the help of some digital marketing tactics and the main point is, it costs you nothing as its free to use except if you are going for paid advertising.

Social media platforms like:

  1. Facebook
  2. Twitter
  3. Linkedin
  4. Instagram
  5. Quora
  6. Tik Tok
  7. Other websites

When we check the 2018 report, around 2 billion people are available on Facebook and login to there accounts every day.

Now you can understand that to reach maximum people its good to have a business online and especially on Facebook with the help of a Facebook page.

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The types of Facebook pages are:

  1. If you are starting a small shop, business and wants to start a page then go to local business or Place, create Facebook page for business
  2. If you are working for a company, big institution, or any big company for your online presence you can opt for Company, Organization or Institution
  3. If you want to start a page for individual products and brands, then, in that case, you can opt for Brand or Product.
  4. If you are a celebration, artist, musician, or famous person, in that case, you can start an Artist, Band or Public Figure, when creating a create personal Facebook page account.
  5. If you want to start a page for people having fun activities, entertainment and other activities, that case start Entertainment
  6. If you are working for some community or some good cause and wants to reach more people then choose Cause or Community

Now let’s see the steps to create Facebook page for business:

Let us take an example to understand this, You are working for a college and want to promote your college online and reach more students with the help of digital marketing.

  • First, you should have a Facebook account for the Facebook page.
  • Click on the right-hand side drop-down and select, create the page.

page option

  • Choose Company, Organization or Institution or as per your business, you have set up.
  • Then select the category “education” etc.
  • Write a description of your college, so that the people will know about your college.
  • Upload the logo to the Facebook page, this will be like an identity.
  • Paste your college website link for more details, so that if someone interested wants to collect more information they can visit your website.
  • Always add a “Call To Action” button for the students to reach you.

And your Facebook page is ready to launch and use Digital marketing strategies to run your business with the help of Facebook marketing.

Always remember to unpublish your Facebook page through page settings-Page Visibility-edit- click unpublish,  till all the details are not updated so that page will not be visible to people.

Important features of having the Facebook page you should know:

  • You can reach maximum people by advertising on Facebook with less cost and get more results.
  • More lead generation with less cost and collect their information to contact them.
  • Facebook Insights to analyze the data such as, how many people saw the add, how many people reacted to that, how many people are interested in your products and visited your site and much more information.
  • Your Facebook page interactions can help you with your page ranking.
  • Facebook page can help in your SEO and you can see the results.

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After doing all the work if you think that your page is not performing well or due to some reason you wants to delete the page, then follow the steps:(how to delete Facebook page)

Open your FB page-click on settings-page setting-go in last-select-remove/delete page.

You will get an alert stating that your page will be deleted in the next 15days and then after 15days again come back to your page and delete the page.

It’s because Facebook gives 15 days’ time for people to change their decision whether to delete or use the page, but if you want to delete you can.

Learn all about facebook creation, types, importance and other things which you should know and if still any doubt ask at knowandask

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