Libra: Cryptocurrency By Facebook (In 5 Minutes)

The idea behind launching Libra (Cryptocurrency By Facebook) is to empower millions of unbanked people.
  • 31% of the total population doesn’t even have a bank account, the remaining people who have access costs are high. it nearly costs 7% to send money globally.
  • 85% of the world transactions take happens in the form of cash, it becomes difficult to store cash but it can be moved easily. US retail businesses face $40 billion in losses annually due to the theft of cash.
  • For poor and unbanked costs are even higher, they pay $4 higher fees a month for cash access.
  • At this point making digital financial services accessible to everyone can have a big impact.
  • It adds $3.7 trillion for the development of the economy and creates 95 million job opportunities.
  • It improves people’s earning potential by 20% and reduces extreme poverty by 22%.

Libra: Cryptocurrency By Facebook (In 5 Minutes)

Libra reserve

Most of the cryptocurrencies in the market don’t have any stable assets to back

them. Listening to the speculations and investments as a primary use case, people

bought these coins hoping their value might increase when want to resale.

To grab everyone’s attention, Libra is developed to be a currency even common

people will know the value of Libra today and how much it’s going to be in the


The purchase of Libra for fiat and transfer of fiat to reserve should be equal to generate a new Libra. This results in the growth of reserve according to the user’s

demand to increase Libra.

The Libra Blockchain (Cryptocurrency By Facebook)

The Libra Blockchain is a decentralized, programmable database delineated to back a more stable cryptocurrency that will have the potential to serve as a well-organized

channel of exchange for billions of people all around the world.

There is a Libra protocol to contrivance the Libra Blockchain and focuses to build a

financial infrastructure that encourages innovation, nether hurdles to entry, and

improves access to financial services.

To ratify the Libra protocol, the Libra core is implemented anticipating global

integration to improve this new ecosystem.

This protocol allows a set of models – named as validators- from several authorities

to mutually preserve a database of programmable means. These means are

possessed by various user accounts verified by public-key cryptography and adhere

to custom rules quoted by the builders of these means.

The Libra Association

Libra is an independent association, it is a non-profit organization going forward with

a mission to emancipate billions of people across the globe by providing them a

global currency and financial infrastructure.

The validator nodes in the Libra network helps in building the association. Primarily, these are international corporations, social impact partners, and academic institutions. In due course, the association will give access to any institution that controls validatory nodes and has enough stakes in Libra.

The role of the association is to synchronize the validator nodes, attempts to evolve

and secure the network and to promote their combined insight of financial inclusion.

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