Markets in Gangtok

Markets in Gangtok To Indulge the Shopaholic In You

Gangtok, the capital of the Eastern Indian state of Sikkim is a land of rich natural beauty, not to speak of the warm-hearted people who live there. Located at an elevation of 5400 feet, the mountainous terrain and lush green surroundings have made Gangtok, one of the most popular tourist hubs in India. It is also a significant Buddhist pilgrimage center.  There is so much to do and see on Gangtok tour packages, that you will truly be in a muddle as to where to begin. And, if you love shopping, you will love Gangtok’s many bazaars that sell everything from inexpensive curios, to plush rugs, to spices and dry fruits. Today, we present to you a list of bazaars in Gangtok where you can shop till you drop and in Gangtok tour packages.

Where to shop in Gangtok?

After soaking up the breath-taking Himalayan views and natural beauty, there is nothing better than indulging in some retail therapy in Gangtok.

The best places for shopaholics include the following and Gangtok tour packages:

Mahatma Gandhi Marg – This is the main shopping center of Gangtok. It can keep the visitor busy for the entire day. Both sides of the MG road are resplendent with shops. There is a certain part of the shopping area called “new market “. The shops are filled with goods and stuff like home decors, gifts, dress materials for all, souvenirs, small jewelry, etc. One of the main items for a must buy to every outsider is the Sikkimese cup having a special Sikkimese design in varied color combinations. It is made of porcelain and perfect for the house as tea or coffee drinking cups.

The new market has a lot of shops on Buddhist artifacts.  Avoid going on Tuesday’s since it is the weekly market off.

Markets in Gangtok tour packages

Directorate of Handicrafts & Handlooms – This center houses, traditional Sikkimese handicraft items made by local artists and craftsmen. The directorate is located at the end of Tibet road. The items are displayed in the sales emporium. The items that will best adorn the house after return from Sikkim include the Lepcha weaves, carved foldable wooden tables known as Choktse, wall hangings, religious scroll painting known as Thanks.

Nayuma Women’s Co-operative – For traditional Sikkimese women’s dress wear, The Nayuma Women’s Co-operative society has a lot of options. Most of the shops have Sikkim homemade pickles from bamboo shoots and cherry pepper. This is worth a purchase. Also, noteworthy is the cushions made at the Co-op. The Co-operative, in fact, has an entire wing dedicated to Handicraft and Handlooms. You can find cushion covers in all colors and sizes to take back home or as gifts. You will be mesmerized as the vibrant colors and designs of these cushion covers. No two cushion covers are the same! You can also shop for traditional wall hangings, dresses, and other utility products at this market.

Kanchendzonga Shopping Complex – For simplicity, it is known as Lal Bazaar and is located just below the MG Marg shopping center. It has everything from modern electronic gadgets to traditional house consumption items. Sunday has a lot of influx from all ethnic communities and represents the true cosmopolitan culture of Sikkim. Some not to be missed items from Lal Bazaar include the dried cheese known as Churpi, pottery, Khukuri – the traditional side wear curved Nepali knife, Daloo – baskets of Bamboo cane, Prayer flags, and even organic vegetables.

Avoid going on Thursdays since it is the weekly market off.

Bookshops – MG Marg is equally known for its book stalls. There are many, such as Janico, Good books, etc.  The most well-known bookshop in Gangtok is “Rachana Books”. Every visitor needs to have at least one peep here. Apart from books, it has jazz music, choice poetry readings, art exhibitions, and select movie screenings. The book collection here is very vast and varied, ranging from fiction to heavy literature, philosophy, biographies, children’s books, etc. It is the perfect hang out for both young and old.

Temi Tea Estate- Just like any visit to Darjeeling is incomplete without the tea purchase similarly Temi Tea Estate of Sikkim needs to find a way into the tourist bag. It is produced organically in the Temi gardens. The Golden Tips tea shop is a good place to purchase Temi Tea.

These are but a few of the many markets in Gangtok that you must try and squeeze in on your next amazing Gangtok tour packages, you will absolutely love every minute spent shopping through these lively bazaars.

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