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Microsoft Word Shortcuts

Microsoft word Shortcuts To Learn

Know this, companies are looking for candidates with skills, make yourself industry ready to learn Advance Excel and Microsoft Word.

We use word documents for work in offices so it’s necessary to know a few shortcuts making it’s easy for you to work on Microsoft work.

microsoft word,learn knowandaskFew Microsoft word shortcuts to learn:

F1 = Open Help

F5 = To open Find, Replace and Go to the window

F7 = For Spelling And Grammar Check

F12 = For Save As

Ctrl+ functions:

Ctrl+0 = Toggles A 6 Points Of Space Before A Paragraph

Ctrl+A = To Select Full Page Content

Ctrl+B = To Make The Selected Content Bold

Ctrl+C = TO Copy The Selected Content

Ctrl+D = To Open The Font Preferences Window

Ctrl+E = Aligns The Line/Text Selected In Center Screen

microsoft word,learn knowandask

Ctrl+F = To Open Find And Replace Window

Ctrl+L = To Make Selected Text Italic.

Ctrl+K = To Add Hyperlink To The Selected Text

Ctrl+P = To Open The Print Window

Ctrl+N = To Open New Word Document Window

Ctrl+S = To Save The Word Document

Ctrl+U = To Underline The Selected Text

Ctrl+V = To Paste The Text

Ctrl+W = To Close The Window

Ctrl+X = To Cut The Selected Text

Ctrl+Z = To Undo The Previous Action

Ctrl+Y = To Redo The Previous Action Performed

Ctrl+1 = For Single Space Line In Text

Ctrl+2 = For Double Space Line In Text

Ctrl+5 = For 1.5 Space Line In Text


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