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Multi Level Marketing is Shaping the Future of People in India

How Multi-Level Marketing is Shaping the Future of People in India

The MLM industry has expanded tremendously since 2011 and is currently, one of the most profitable industries in India. The industry is growing at the annual rate of 4.8% and is expected to cross the 15,930 crore mark in 2020. MLM companies were previously banned in India to protect consumer rights but now, there are a lot of legal MLM companies operating in India.

In fact, the MLM industry is one of the fastest growing industries in terms of size and sector. MLM industry has encouraged leadership training, marketing, networking and soft skill improvement in India and has also contributed to promoting governmental schemes like Startup India, Digital India, Make in India and much more.

Acceptance of MLM in India

Compared to other developing countries, the acceptance of MLM in India is less. The reason behind lack of acceptance is that the MLM companies are considered as scams and frauds. However, with the expansion of global MLM companies in India has helped boost the market. There are some renowned MLM companies that are earning soaring revenues from the Indian market. Youth in India require an independent career which is offered by MLM.  It is a flexible business opportunity in which, you are your own boss and the income you earn is strongly dependent on the amount of time and energy you put into the work. This flexibility is the reason why Indian youth has become more accepting of MLM companies.

 Multi-Level marketing

Multi-Level marketing promotes self-employment and start-up ideas

One of the most important benefits of Multi-Level marketing is that it offers low-cost investment and low risks. Multi-Level marketing promotes self-employment and allows people to earn money through their marketing and sales related skills. The reason why Multi-Level marketing is successful is that it ensures sales of best quality products, improves bonding with consumers and promotes sells and usage of high-quality goods.

Through Multi-Level marketing, a lot of people are able to earn some extra income without engaging into a 9 to 5 job and this is why it has become a highly appealing career choice for the youth of India. Also for the people who are running their own business, MLM is a great opportunity. Especially if they have a strong and well-established business network, they can use this network to promote the products and earn some extra money out of their business.

MLM is a risk-free business and has a great model

This is a risk-free business because; the people looking forward to selling products do not need high investment amounts for purchasing excessive stocks. No money is on risk because the direct sellers don’t even have to pay any joining fees.

Also, the business model of MLM is appealing as the talent, skills, and qualifications help the direct sellers earn money. It follows a business model that permits the sellers to earn profits based on their talent.

Personalized purchasing experience for customers

Through Multi-Level marketing, consumers get the privilege of purchasing customized products. The direct sellers can communicate with the customers directly and educate the customers about the product insights and information.

Every direct seller is able to add a personal touch to the products and can present the products directly to the customers while using their marketing strategies. This helps them expand and enhance their professional network and product sales. Even the customers can get a thorough explanation about the manufacturing process, contents, return policy, cancellation and other such important details about the products.

All ages are actively engaged

Not only the youth but people from different age groups are actively engaged in Multi-Level marketing. There is no bar for age and anyone above the age of 18 can become a direct seller. From a 21-year-old to a 56-year-old, everyone can become a direct seller and start earning some supplement income from the sales.

The acceptance of MLM in all the age groups makes it more progressive and successful. Everyone has their own reason to become a direct seller. A student might need some extra money while the retired people might need a job or activity to remain active in the market and work. Thus, anyone can jump into MLM at any age, receive proper guidance and start earning money.

The profit in the MLM industry

Through MLM, not only the sellers but the consumers are also benefited. The pure aim of MLM is to create a win-win situation for everyone and this is the reason why it is so appreciated. The distributors of the products aim to pass on the profits to the customers while building a huge network of direct sellers.

These sellers earn their profit as soon as they sell products. Also, the consumers get the products at comparatively low prices because the profits of wholesalers and retailers are eliminated. Multi-Level marketing has been present in the Indian market since years but the entrance of international MLM companies in the Indian market has strengthened the industry even better.

The impact of international MLM companies is remarkable on the Indian market as the opportunities have increased and more people are getting benefited from the industry.

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