7 Charming Himachal Towns you must Visit

Himachal Pradesh is the wonderland of mountains. Its charm will not only hypnotize you, but it will also force you to explore more and more. Surrounded by a thick mountain range and deodar forests, Himachal Pradesh is one of the places to be in peace with yourself.

But if you truly want to explore the splendor of Himachal Pradesh in its true form, you need to dig a little more. Apart from the natural astonish, the towns of Himachal Pradesh hide the true colors of the Himachal. And if you miss them, you will surely miss half of the Himachal. Let us have a look.

7 Himachal towns you must visit to feel the vibe

  1. Karsog Valley

It is true that not many people know it, but the Karsog valley is the most beautiful small town in the lap of nature. Situated at an altitude of 1,404 m, Karsog Valley falls within the region of the 7thKarsog Subdivision of Mandi district. Just about 472 kilometers away from Delhi, this small town is a gem of apples and orchards.

  1. Dharamshala

Dharamshala is a common name in the bucket list of people who travel to Himachal. The snow-capped mountains and the forest of the oak trees will surely mesmerize you. You can go trekking, or you can hunt the ancient painting industry in here as well. A trip to Himachal is simply incomplete without a trip to Dharamshala.

Himachal Towns

  1. Sola

Solan is another cherry on the top of this list that you should not miss at any cost. Termed as the ‘Mushroom city of India’, Solan is the home of climate variability, and it has many places to visit as well. Also, surrounded by exotic orchards, Solan is surely a place without which Himachal’s all charms are quite lost.

  1. Renukaji

If you are in search of small towns in Himachal Pradesh, Renukaji is one of the hidden places that people must explore. Centered around a lake of blue water, this town has many breathtaking architectural places that will surprise you. Situated at an altitude of 672m, Renukaji is surely a lost place of serenity. Also, it is the largest lake of the Himachal as well.

  1. GadaGhushaini

The village turned into a small town, GadaGhushaini is another place of Himachal that needs to be paid more attention from the tourists. The beauty of the crystal clear water and oak forests, GadaGhushaini, is one of the secret places of Himachal. Situated in the district of  Banjar Tehsil, GadaGhushaini is almost 460 kilometers away from Delhi.

  1. Kasol

In recent years, Kasol is probably the most famous small town in Himachal. Situated in the district of Kullu, this hamlet of Himachal is an eye candy place that cannot be ignored. The snow-tipped mountains and the green valley are the two best attractions of Kasol.

  1. Masrur

Popularly known for the rock-cut temples, Masrur is another small town which is famous for its architectural excellence. Located 30 kilometers from Kangra district, Masrur is amazingly beautiful in its own way.

So, if you are in Himachal Pradesh, you cannot miss these 7 small towns to go out of hand. These are the milestone of the natural beauty of Himachal and the towns possess the secret essence of the Himachal Pradesh as well. Happy Travelling!

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