Nepal Trekking Styles and Season

Prior to planning for Nepal trekking, ensure you know about the climatic state of Nepal. You should need to consider checking diverse seasons in Nepal which happens in various timeframe consistently.

The distinctive season offers diverse climate conditions and temperature which colossally influences the trekking knowledge. Along these lines, it is basic to know about every one of the seasons and the best time to trek Nepal and best Nepal trekking season.

For the most part, there are 4 seasons in Nepal. They are


Spring season in Nepal is from March to April and is a standout amongst the best seasons for trekking in Nepal. The temperature during this season is from 25 degrees to 6 degrees. It is a decent time for trekking as the climate is less cold and free of snow on the high mountain trail. In addition, this is blossom blooming season and the trail will comprise of thick rhododendron woodland. The perspectives can’t be considered as the best however as it will be minimally obscured because of residue noticeable all around.

Nepal Trekking Styles and Season


In winter, the Himalayan region can harden with a mass of snowfall. Trekking can be trying in the higher statures in light of the fact that the trail can be verified with snow. Winter season is reasonable for trekking in lower statures underneath 4000m. The temperature in the Himalayan territory will do – 18 degree Celsius, the uneven region 0 to 5 degrees Celsius while in the low fields district it will be 10 to 15 degree Celsius. The most well-known trek around Annapurna trek around Pokhara, for example, Annapurna panorama trek, Annapurna Base Camp trek will be ideal as of now. Everest View Point trek and the Everest Panorama trek likewise great time to make the most of your occasions.


For the most part, trekking isn’t prescribed during this season in Nepal as it is a rainy season and continuous rainfall makes walking awkward. Be that as it may, there are a few sections in Nepal, for example, Nar-Phu valley, Mustang, and Dolpo locale which falls behind the mountains rain shadow zone and they once in a while get rainfall. In this way, summer season can be a decent season to go for the trek in these districts. In addition, individuals who appreciate/love walking in the rainy season can pick some trekking destinations for trekking in this season.


Autumn season in Nepal falls in the long stretch of September, October, and November. These months are additionally the pinnacle trekking a long time in Nepal. The number of trekkers that trek in the different pieces of Nepal in these months is really astounding.

Regarding the number of sightseers, the autumn season is the best time to trek in Nepal.

The main motivation why numerous trekkers find autumn to be the best season to trek is down to the amazing climate conditions that clear a path for some great trek.

In the autumn season, the temperature isn’t excessively high and neither excessively cold. This moderate temperature is simply flawless as you don’t need to wear countless to make you feel warm. What’s more, while trekking you won’t sweat as you would in the more sizzling months.

Another motivation behind why the autumn season is viewed as a decent month for trekking is that the trekking areas don’t encounter a ton of rain. So the mists are far and few in the middle. So the astounding perspectives on the mountains are basically unhindered aside from an odd day or two in a month.

The measure of wind that blows in autumn seasons in the mountainous areas is likewise gentle. So trekkers won’t need to manage cold temperatures or exceptionally chilly wind like in the winter months.

Nepal Trekking Style
Tea House

Otherwise called cabin trekking is a generally modest method for trekking in where dinners and settlement are given in a teahouse. In Nepal, it is very famous to trekking along the numerous trails, stopping every night to eat and rest at a nearby Tea House. Dinners rely upon the menu at the tea house, more often than not the straightforward essential suppers of the neighborhood individuals. Albeit numerous tea houses and lodgings in the slopes and mountains are sensibly agreeable, some might be filthy and, in territories where fireplaces are uncommon, rooms might be smoky.

It’s an extraordinary method to associate with a portion of the neighborhood culture and definitely suits trekkers not wanting to convey back-crushing backpacks. The standard of lodgings can change from fundamentally the same as an inn, to something unmistakably progressively natural.


This is a great style of trekking in Nepal. Camping treks are particularly directed in remote territory supplying camping equipment (Sleeping tents, dining tents, shower tents, dining table and chare, bedding, sleeping sack, and so on.) alongside the nourishment, you can also approach Nepal trekking companies to plan your Nepal Trekking and get good Nepal trekking packages. Nourishment is cooked on the spot by the cooking group. What’s more, the tents will be set up for the sleeping, mess every day. That permits to investigate remote and wild zones with solace.

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