OnePlus 6 with Hydrogen OS update

OnePlus 6 brings selfie Portrait Mode & battery percent icon with Hydrogen OS update

One plus 6 was officially revealed worldwide previous month, with the traditional western OxygenOS already discovering its first revise which helped bring both notches concealing support and slow-motion training video support.

Hydrogen OS is a Chinese based Firmware build for OnePlus Devices in China.

Hydrogen OS is the name of the custom Google android pores and skin OnePlus uses on its Android OS devices in China

There are incredibly few variations between your two, but posts generally don’t come at the same time and they have a tendency to bring cool features.

Hydrogen OS 5.1.6 in OnePlus 6

Hydrogen OS 5.1.6 in OnePlus 6 brings you the selfie family portrait mode image support and a battery pack ratio icon for your position bar.

OnePlus guaranteed these features should come to the OxygenOS update, therefore the fact these features are moving out in HydrogenOS means the European release must not be too much off.

While the upgrade change log is within Mandarin, we can also concur that there are gaming-related optimizations contained in the upgrade.

Users on the OnePlus community forums have said that there surely is now an LTE data change between SIM credit cards along with system electricity and performance optimizations.

Gleam fix included for PUBG Mobile where footsteps were too quiet– an unusual bug considering that the machine was creating that, but it’s set irrespective.

There doesn’t seem to be to be much else in conditions of system changes.

Hydrogen-OS fo one plus6

Currently, it appears that most changes for the OnePlus 6 are simply just related to clearing up the system which is quite normal taking into consideration the device just released.

We are able to only wish that OnePlus will satisfy its earlier pledges too, including hopefully re-adding Always on Screen that was removed soon after release. OnePlus cited power concerns for the reason behind its removal.

Users interesting in trying out the software on the OnePlus 6 can also set up the Google Android P beta preview, This may allow you to try out the new features that’ll be to arrive the latest version of Google Android.

It won’t possess the latest enhancements from Android P Developer, however.

Also, the OnePlus 5 can be updated to Hydrogen OS

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