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As time goes we people are so busy in earning money that we don’t get time for ourselves to enjoy life, always busy with work and tensions in life to grow more and by doing continuous work we become so workaholic that we forget to take a break and sometimes compromise our health also.

And Don’t forget to follow few terms in Life and Live happily.

To reduce day to day stress from work do few activities to feel better, FOR Peace Of Mind:

  • Taking regular breaks during work to make your mind fresh.
  • During work sometimes move around your workplace and talk to other team members and people around you.
  • After everyday work, at home spend some time with your family and friends, talk to them and share things.
  • Wake up early morning and do some exercise and meditation.
  • If you don’t like something about someone then speak.
  • Do some arts or activity, Games you like in your free time to engage yourself.

Start reading book’s like Life is What you Make It and learn more about life.

follow these things in daily routine and you will feel better in your life. #knowandask

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Always follow few terms in life.

Few things to remember in life.


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Amit Singh Rawat: Owner/ Founder of Knowandask a Digital Learning platform to educate yourself learn spread knowledge and share knowledge.

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