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Realize the Potential of Your Business with Android Application Development

Android application development has seen steady growth in the number of applications in the Google Play Store. The phenomenal success enjoyed by Android can be largely attributed to consumers who have embraced this application in every part of the world.

According to statistics, Android smartphone shipments have greatly evolved over the past few years.

The report states that Android dominates 73.5% of the market share in the financial year 2012/2013. More recently, a popular research firm IDC, Android’s market share has been quoted has increased from 73.5% the previous year to stand at 79.3%.

This is good news especially for businesses that look to improve their operations by using the tablet and smartphone applications.

Android and the Business Environment

As an open-source development environment is available free of charge, Android has been embraced by millions of programmers worldwide application. When it comes to mobile applications, some IT firms make these for free, but they offer limited functionality.

On the other hand, Some IT companies provide Custom Mobile App Development Services, who charge affordable prices with more features, quality, and security. Progress on the development platform has also opened up new possibilities for entrepreneurs, android developers, and marketers.

Developers have been working with marketers to develop Android applications with strategic advertising methods that will reach more consumers. On the other hand, employers have invested in the development of Android, and the result is a wide range of business applications, gaming, and other commercial software.

Android App Development

Why Use an Android Development Environment?

Since the primary purpose of any business is to generate revenue, every business owner must come up with strategies that will capture the attention of most consumers.

With the Android development environment at their disposal, these entrepreneurs are constantly working day and night and the results are visible for all to see.

Although there are other mobile development platforms such as Blackberry, Symbian and iPhone, below are some basic reasons why you should dig into android development for the good of your business.

  1. The constant updates that Google applies to Android have seen it grow bigger and better. This gives more space for developers, marketers, and entrepreneurs to come up with a strategy that is more than their business.
  2. Google Play Store that currently hosts the Android application is the largest mobile phone application market with many visitors access every day. This means that Android will reach a larger audience than those developed on other platforms.
  3. Android platform offers a good user-friendly development environment that can be used to develop a custom Android app then test them to know their functionality before uploading.
  4. All these benefits are what make the Android application development environment in the world. Developers also get support from when they design their applications using the Android Software Development Kit (SDK) to when they have to upload them to the Google Play Store. A large collection of the library on this platform makes it possible to develop whatever you want. In addition, they have incorporated features that enable developers to port applications from other environments such as the BlackBerry and iPhone then converts them into a cross-platform application that can be used on any device.


If you suggest a business virtue to liberty, security, worker and customer fulfillment, benefits and flexibility then Android is actually intended for you. Finally, employers who have never seen the need to get a mobile application needs to think twice about their decision.

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