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India is a mystical country which is housing end number of wild animals. There is a huge difference in observing wildlife in the zoological park and in the open environment. The small environment is created for the animals in Zoo. But their real world seems different when you head on for Wildlife safari tour India. It is not less than thrill while experiencing wildlife in front of you. Every animal has a different habitat, living ways and the food they like most.

India tourism is the only way to experience the difference of self-created environment and natural environment. Various activities of animals will touch your heart while traveling through the forest.

Indian wildlife is unique in own way as it comprised of end number of species. The nation is hovering around 8 lakh species of wild animals which are contributing approx 7% in universal species. Due to human intervention in their real habitat, some of the essential species are in the surge of vanishing.

To save the remaining species govt has taken major steps in this concern by establishing national parks in different states. These fresh establishments also promoted wildlife safari tour India. Travelers are also understanding the essence of wildlife conservation for global balance.

Wildlife Safari

Famous Spots For Best Wildlife Encounter In India Tourism

Ranthambore National Park, Rajasthan:

Ranthambore National Park widely spread over 1000sq km. The park is housing royal animals such as the tiger like a luxury homeland for them. Tiger has been an interest of major population for a very long time. It is an appealing species for wildlife photographers and tiger lover. When you move forward for a wildlife safari tour in Ranthambore the giant cat appears in the drylands taking pleasure of sun.

Don’t be disappointed if you will encounter this cat as you will get many more options in animal species such as

  • Sloth Bears,
  • Wild Boars,
  • Sambar

Favorable Time- October to June-Tigers can be seen in the month of March and May.

Jim Corbett National Park, Uttarakhand:

This park is recognized as the first wild animal’s park all over Asia. it is housing the most dangerous cats of tiger family. The traveler throughout the world is interested in India tourism for having just an encounter of this wild cat. Apart from this animal, other species can also be seen there such as

  • Serow,
  • Goral,
  • Himalayan Tahr

Favorable Time- November 2nd half to June- Tiger can be encountered between March to May.

Kaziranga National Park, Assam:

The park is expanded over 400 square km. It is renowned for housing the greatest number of One Horned Rhinoceros throughout the world. Kaziranga National park is established at a larger distance for human locality and in the lap of nature. Rhino is not the only species there, you may look for

  • Elephants,
  • Bears,
  • Panthers and
  • Chirping birds, etc.

The national park also comes under the UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Favorable Time – November to April

Balmuri Falls mysore falls place

Sundarbans National Park, West Bengal:

Sundarbans National Park is one of the unique national parks due to the group of trees, tiger enjoying jump into the water and other unusual things of animals. This park is extended over 4500 sq km comprising numerous birds, lizards, and crocodiles, etc. Along with these species, some popular species are

  • Royal Bengal Tiger;
  • Fishing Cats,
  • Leopard Cats,
  • Macaques,
  • Wild Boar,
  • Indian Grey Mongoose

Favorable Time – October to April

Hemis National Park, Ladakh:

This is the place for people love freezing height and wildlife. Watching animals in extreme cold in heavenly Hemis National Park is like a dream. Hemis National Park is dispersed in over 4000 sq km. it is the park which is sheltering house to 16 mammal species and 70+ bird species along with Snow leopard. Park is well recognized for

  • Snow leopards,
  • Ibex,
  • Blue sheep,
  • Snowcocks, and
  • Golden eagles

Favorable Time- May to September

Ladakh is the best home for over 100 threatened Snow Leopard. Wildlife safari tour India gets closed in November because of snowfall.


India is a dream nation for a great wildlife tour. Animals have their own environmental needs for survival. India is making great efforts in fulfilling that. To complete your desire for wildlife encounter must check the best time of the year. Some animals can only be seen in Winters while others may be seen in summers or rainy season.

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