How Trustful is to Sell Old Mobile Online

How reliable is to sell old mobile online?

Given our huge dependence on the internet, we carry most of our tasks online be it ordering food, shopping for clothes, buying a new mobile phone or maybe selling it too. Recently there has been a significant increase in the sale of second-hand mobile phones. And why not? It not only offers a good monetary value for your old mobile phone but also allows buyers to get mobile phones with features they cannot afford otherwise. While it sounds a good idea to sell old mobile online but is it really safe to do so? Yes, online offers a great way of disposing of your old mobile phone provided you do it the right way.

What are the possible dangers of selling your old mobile phone online?

Before you think of selling your mobile phone online and trade the money for your new buy, it is important to know the potential dangers that accompany it. It is always important to take the necessary precautions if you don’t want to risk your security in the future.

How Trustful is to Sell Old Mobile Online
How Trustful is to Sell Old Mobile Online

Some of the possible issues that you are likely to encounter are:

Privacy leakage:

Mobile phones are the most important thing in one’s life given the fact that we depend on it for almost everything be it checking emails, arranging meetings, making a call or sending money to somebody. Due to this, our mobile phones contain important information about us which we would like to keep safe from others. Therefore, it is very important to remove all your important information from your phone, including text, images, video etc. to avoid any chance of getting your personal information leaked.

Data loss:

Loss of data is another big problem that is faced by a majority of people selling their old and used smartphone. Make sure to take a backup of all your important data and also wipe it out from your old mobile phone. Identity theft is a major issue and anybody can be a victim of this if the necessary steps are not taken while selling it.

Now that you are aware of all the possible dangers that can result in some serious security issues, it is very important that you take all the necessary measures to avoid any such instance. Here are some of the steps to be taken before selling your old mobile phone:

Backup your old files:

Backing up all the important data is of utmost importance before you decide to sell your mobile phone. First, because losing all your data can be really painful. Second, not wiping important data from your phone can result in some serious security issues in the future. Transfer all your mobile phone data to a safe and secure place from where it can be retrieved easily. If there are certain files which you don’t want to keep such as irrelevant pictures, videos, contacts, SMS or any other media, always make sure to delete it from your phone if you don’t want it to be misused later. Take the entire necessary step to make sure that your data is encrypted twice so that it cannot be accessed once your mobile phone gets a new user. If your device doesn’t allow data encryption automatically you can go to the settings and enable it.

Deregister your account:

Before you erase all your data, it is equally important to deregister your mobile phone from your accounts. This will ensure that the new owner of your mobile phone won’t face issues when trying to reactivate it. Also switch off the track the phone’s location setting before you sell it. Different smartphones have a different setting. For Androids, you should simply remove your accounts before resetting it.

Do some research on where you want to sell it?

Once you have completely wiped all the data from your phone it is time to put it for sale. Clean it with a soft cloth to remove fingerprints and dust etc. off it. Then take some good images of your phone from different angles and post it online. Make sure to use the white background and good lighting so that your phone is clearly visible to the prospective buyers. But before you get it ready for selling do some research about the places where you can sell old and used mobile phones. Find out things such as how are you going to get your money, how long will it take and is it secure or not? Once you know that you are going to get the maximum value for your phone it is time to finally sell it. You can sell your old Smartphone at Togofogo where you will get the maximum value of your mobile phone online and you don’t need to go anywhere.

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