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3 SEO Tips for New Business

Most of the people think they can get into the top of SERP just by launching a new site, and by doing some basic SEO stuff. But even if you win a good position. You should make some move to hold this position. Just doing some Onpage and building a few links won’t help. In this article, I will share a few things that can help you to increase more and more traffic. And if you implement everything there is a great possibility that you can also rank for many partial keywords.

Every year people around the world follow this, or they take the help of any SEO Company to do it for them. But here I discuss as much as details as possible about those SEO techniques. Let’s start

Run SEO Audit

It is very rare for people to run an audit. But big companies do it every time. Even if you do everything perfectly there is a chance you can have technical or SEO error. You might be thinking about how. Here are two simple examples.

  1. We all see search engines bring many algorithm updates. And following those updates, sometimes they change pixels or title, description light. If your content title is 65 characters long and new update only shows 50 characters then you are going to lose lots of traffic.
  2. If you are related to the SEO industry you must already know that website plugin often gets affected with bugs. And this can cause an outbreak.

For this reason, you should run an audit. You can do it manually or pay some tools like Moz, Semrush Or Ahrefs. They will run audit daily, and if they see any issues they will send you alert. Or you can use Deepcrawl Or Screaming frog for conducting SEO Audit

3 SEO Tips for New Business

Write Industry Related Content

As an example you are, running a Link Building Agency. Now you can write Link Building related content. And it can help people who are new in this. Once they read your blog, they can understand your level of expertise. Now you can simply get more sales than others. Dfy Links is a good example of this business.

Every month they write lots of content related to SEO, especially link building. Which bring them more people than just for link building. It helps to build more authority and helps to increase trust for a brand.

If you want to know what people in your industry are searching for you can follow these simple tips

  • Answer the Public: This is e freemium tools. That can help you to generate lots of specific industry-related content ideas.
  • Lsigraphs: This is a popular web-based tool that helps SEOs and bloggers to find niche relevant topics.

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Engage In Other Platform

Besides your website, there are many other websites. In this place, you will find lots of people that are in the same niches. Such as Quora, Medium, and Reddit. This place can play a big role to grow your business.

But you have to invest time and also need to implement basic SEO. Since this type of place is public and search engine also indexes them and on the other hand, these sites give you the chance to edit and optimize for search engines. These platforms can be game-changer.


I only mentioned a few things, on how you can use SEO to grow your new business. But you have to constant on those. One time works cannot provide you a great result. You need to repeat these things over and over for a positive result.

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