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If you have created your SEO websites successfully, now you need to drive traffic to your sites. To bring the rank of your websites in search engines in Google, you have to understand search engine optimization.

There are many ranked from where you can take a guide and understand SEO and understand the right path. As there so many websites on the web, there are fewer chances that your website will rank first on Google – but it doesn’t mean that it is impossible to rank, there many things to do to rank your web. Here we will guide you to rank your websites.

1.Right URL

Before you publish your website, you must select a URL. And also your domain name will be the address of your site. It’s the first thing the visitor will notice. It is important that it is relevant to your content and ensures that your URL is clean and beautiful.

The ideal domain name will include your business name and perhaps a keyword or two that are relevant to your content.


2.Create title tags and Meta description

The title tag on pages of your website tells search engines what the page content is about. It should be a maximum of 70 characters and include your business or content name and keywords that relate to that particular site only. This tag is placed near the top of the HTML code for the page.

The Meta description on pages of your website gives search engines a little more view into what your page is about. There is still a question about whether Meta descriptions can help with keyword rankings.

Regardless, you want to write your Meta description with keeping a human audience in mind that includes the page’s main keywords, as the Meta description does not display in search engine


Having backlinks will add extra points to business only if you have quality backlinks. You can build backlinks by submitting monthly or twice month press releases on any exciting company, and connecting with popular blogs in your site to see how you can collaborate with your work to get a backlink from their website.

Try to build the best possible product site you can, so that people get what they want from your backlinks. Also creating graphics or newsworthy content that will influence bloggers and news websites to link the content will help to grow your company.

4.Social Media

Maximum content websites are now community-oriented it began to allow users to vote which stories make the front page, and YouTube views and user ratings into their front page. Therefore, it is very necessary that e-commerce stores must establish a strong social media presence on sites like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, etc. These social media sites help to send search engine signals of influence and authority.

5.Google analytics

Google Analytics helps to learn more about the visitors to your website. In specific, monitor your genuine search traffic sources to see what keywords people are using to find your website in search results. By putting up goals, you observe which keywords lead to visits, what visitors do, what you want them to do on your website such as purchase a product. This will help you to improvise what keywords you should be targeting with your SEO campaign.

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