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Investing In The Stock Market, Know This

The stock market also is known as share market, the equity market is a place for the investors the public listed companies shares are listed in or an exchange.

SEBI [Securities and Exchange Board of India]: was started to regulate the securities market in India.

An investor can buy or sell the stock if its listed on an exchange.

If you are looking for high returns with less time and ready to take the risk, invest in the stock market, unlike mutual funds which take long time duration to grow your money.

To start trading in share market or stock market person need to have a demat account which is similar to a temporary bank account from where the money is utilized while the buy or sell of the stock or shares.

The trading is done through the stockbroker, which allows the investor to buy or sell the shares of a company online buy taking some commission also know as brokerage.

It is mandatory to have a pancard to start the trading in the stock market.

After opening a trading account with the help of brokers like Zerodha, Sherkhan, Angel trading and other companies, the investor can invest in share market but he needs to keep the minimum amount in the demat account to trade.


Example if you are buying/selling shares: [Equity market]

  • The investor needs to check for the company he can get the profit from.
  • Click on the same.
  • Choose the quantity he needs to buy
  • Quantity [Total number of shares]= Total amount in demat account/ CMP of the shares.
  • Select SL [Stop Loss] and Target price.
  • Select for the intraday or Delivery/Holding.
  • And click on place order.

Invest will get the amount based on the market movement it can be profit or loss.

 To calculate the profit/loss:

Profit/Loss= Total number of points * Number of shares for equity market shares.

Profit/Loss= Total number of points* Number of lots* Lot value.

Investing in share market is like investing in the mutual fund but in Share market, the risk is more with more profit based on investment and you can invest and earn the profit within few minutes, hours etc.

Few brokerage companies to demat account:

  • Zerodha
  • Share Khan
  • Angel Broking

To watch the market movement use websites:

Few Banks offering demat account:

  • Kotak Mahindra Bank
  • Sbi bank
  • Hdfc bank

Note and know this:

In case of stock future holding is possible but last Thursday of every month it expires. #knowandask


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