The Impact Of Digital Technology On Society

In this technologically advanced world, there is nowhere to go but digital. Gone are the days when people had to deal with basically any aspect in their lives manually. Today, everything, from the way you check the weather to how you clean your house, or home security systems to keep your house safe is digital.

But what does this tell us? Does digital technology leave a positive or negative impact on society? As with anything in life, there are always pros and cons to certain processes. But in this case, digital technology’s positive impact on society outweighs the negative ones.

Here are a couple of ways digital technology affects society positively:

Industries Go Digital

Back in the day, patients in the healthcare industry have to drive to hospitals and clinics to make an appointment. Today, that has become a time-consuming and energy-depleting method. Patients can now book appointments online and even read their diagnoses and updates on a database as well.

But that’s not all. Other industries have also gone digital, which saves a lot of time doing bookings, cancellations, confirmations, and queries. Everything can be done online.

Homeowners Feel Safer

Nowadays, everything has shifted to being “smart.” We have smartphones, gadgets, smartwatches, and even smart homes. And due to this, people feel a lot safer in their homes because of state-of-the-art home security systems.

For instance, you can install spy cameras, an audio recorder, fire alarms, and smart door locks as home security systems. Moreover, most of these home security systems also come with sensors and monitoring devices that notify police and emergency respondents of ongoing problems.

This makes it less of a hassle calling 911 whenever you’re experiencing a crisis. Your home security systems automatically act as your eyes around the house. Plus, you can also monitor your home even if you’re out working.

Commuters Experience Convenience

Another way that digital technology impacts society positively is how public transportation systems are now becoming more and more convenient. For example, the rise of Uber and Grab services is growing due to the quick way of getting from Point A to B.

Commuters can now book online for their rides. There is no need to wait outside and grab a cab. Nowadays, they can do everything on a mobile app. Plus, if commuters do want to save on public transport fees, they can even have the option to share a ride with total strangers.

Teams Collaborate Remotely

Digital technology has also changed the way teams and employees collaborate. And this is through the rise of cloud computing. Cloud-based services allow users to use applications over a network of remote servers via a monthly fee.

This business structure is on a pay-per-use model and is also proving to be more cost-efficient especially for startups and small businesses.

But the most primary reason why more companies are shifting to cloud-based services is the convenience it offers when they have remote employees. Everyone can work online in real-time even if they’re on both sides of the world.

Final Words:

Digital technology has undeniably changed the way consumers and employees do things. But while we’ve become so dependent on technology, this may also lead to a lack of creativity. That said, having the right balance to still hone your creativity is recommended so you don’t go out of touch.

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