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Tips to Clear CA Final Easily

CA Final is the last level of CA Course and after clearing this level you will be CA in India. Most of the students leave this course at this level but remember nothing is impossible, just think about it that how AIR 1st rankers get 1st rank, they are also humans, and when they can why not you.

it’s not that hard as people think You can also crack CA Final exams easily, You need to join the best CA coaching institute in India for better guidance and have to do work smartly rather than hard.

Here we have provided a preparation strategy so that can crack CA Final exams easily-

Some Tips to Clear CA Final Easily

Firstly you have to prepare your mind for this. Do not afraid, because it will decrease your performance and it will also distract you, so be confident.

Join a library

It’s really helpful, at your own home you can not study for a long time because many things distract you there. so join a library today.

Make a plan

You should make a 6 to 8-months plan. How much time will give to theoretical subjects and how much time will you give to practice subject.

Join the online test series

Join an online test series for all subjects four months before the exams, it will help you to understand your exam pattern and how ICAI set question papers

Some Tips to Clear CA Final Easily

Be regular

The major reason behind failer is that they do not study regularly. So be regular in your coaching classes and study regularly.

How much hours you should give your study

In the beginning(starting 2 to 3 months) you should study at least 5 to 6 hours per day (except coaching time), after 2 months increase your study time to 12 hours per day and in the last 2 months you have to study at least 15 hours per if you want to clear final in the first attempt.

Work smarter

What is the difference between labor and a millionaire? they both do work but one does this hardly and one this smartly, so work smarter rather than harder. Make your own tricks to solve questions.


Do not forget to revise your course regularly. Revise your course on a weekly basis and try to save the last two months only for revision because without revision you can not crack CA final exams. Make your own short notes they are helpful for quick revision.

Mock tests

The mock test is the key to your success, mock tests are very important for a CA student. Mock tests will help to understand the exam pattern, papers pattern and will also help to reduce per question-consuming time. So try to attempt mock tests as much as you can.

Presentation skills

It’s not 12th std level, at this level presentation is very important to try to increase your presentation skills and handwriting.

To the point of answer

The examiner is not sitting there to read the stories, he just wants a right answer, so give to the point answers, it will create a positive effect in the minds of the examiner towards you.

Discuss with your friends

Discuss important questions and problems with your friends because you will never forget that question after discussing it with friends.

Keep a distance to social media

Social media will surely distract you and will also waste your important time to try to keep a distance from social media.

Forget to enjoy for 8 month

You do not need to go in any function, trip or with friends anywhere after become a Chartered accountant you will have sufficient time this. So don’t waste your time.

Don’t analyze after giving exams

Don’t waste your time to analyze after giving exams, start your preparation for the next group.

Be confident and positive

Don’t think like that how can I pass this exam or this exam is so much tough. Be positive and confident at this time because you can do it.

Follow this toppers preparation strategy and here we are also going to tell you study schedule followed by toppers

Daily Study Schedule

Students who do their preparation with a proper schedule got confused and also lose their regularity to so it’s important to study according to a proper schedule and

Here we are going to tell you a proper daily study schedule
5 am to 7:30 amRead theory subjects
7:30 am to 8 amTake your breakfast
8 am to 10 amRead theory subjects
10 am to 11 amRelax time
11 am to 1:15 pmBetween 11 to 1:15 pm solve practical questions
1:15 pm to 2 pmTake your lunch
2 pm to 3 pmSleep
3 pm to 5:30 pmBetween 3 to 5:30 pm solve practical questions
5:30 pm to 6:30 pmPlay any game or go for a walk
6:30 pm to 8 pmRead theory subjects
8 pm to 9 pmTake your lunch
9 pm to 10 pmWatch tv or use the mobile phone
10 pm to 12 amBetween 10 to 12 am solve practical questions
12 am to 4:30 amSleep

So Discourage idleness and try to wake up at 4:30 am and then schedule your time according to this table and always read theoretical subjects in the morning because in the morning you have a fresh mind.

Now we told you the best preparation strategy, so follow this preparation strategy if you want to clear CA final easily and schedule your daily routine according to this daily schedule.

I hope this information was useful for you.

If you have any query tell us in the comment box.

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  • By proper planning you can win the race as clearing CA exam is not too tough as everyone thinks to be if you are working hard and set your mentality for your goals. Then you will definitely through it.

  • good information thank you

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