Top 5 Android Apps of 2019

As per the latest survey, there are almost 21.00.00 apps published on google play store, and these numbers are still counting every day. The stat which I shared above is only of play store which means only Android users apart from that there are almost 30.00.000 apps already published on other platforms like windows store and Amazon app store.

But today we are going to share Top 5 Android Apps that I bet every smartphone user would love.

Loop – Habit Tracker–If you are the one who is not capable of managing your time schedule or sometimes you forget your schedule then Loop App will definitely help you out, Loop – Habit Tracker Helps you to set the notification for the particular piece of work for particular date and time. You will get notified in your smartphone bar whenever you set any tracker.

Snaptube – If you are the lover of downloading videos over the internet then I bet you must have heard the name of Snaptube, it is one the top-rated app over the internet in terms of downloading the content from the online streaming websites like YouTube, Vimeo, and Dailymotion, etc.

Top 5 Android app

With SnaptubeAppz you can download the official Snaptube for windows PC or Snaptube Pro Apk, I will highly suggest you download Snaptube if you want to save internet videos directly into your smartphones.

YouTube Music – With the recent launch of YouTube Music in Asian countries it has already created a huge user base which is pretty obvious because YouTube itself helps in pushing it, but keep this point aside YouTube Music itself is one of the best music player app which is packed with an awesome algorithm which recommends music according to the listener’s mode.

VMate – Vmate is another alternative of Snaptube through which you can easily download videos from online streaming websites but contextual ads during the downloading is a small cone of the VMATE app which you will not see in the Snaptube pro but still VMATE is the first alternative to Snaptube.

LIKE–If you’re the one who loves the recently banned TIKTOK mobile application then, I promise you would love the Like App, even it’s totally okay if I say Like is the child mobile application of TIKTOk And the best part about this app that it has lot more animated filters and monetization feature.

Conclusion –I do hope that you loved all of our top 5 recommend android apps, we are always open for your suggestion if you think we have missed any app that should possibly be mentioned in the list then please let us know in the comment section below and if it seems that we have perfectly done our job in stating the best android apps of 2019 then please share this post with your friends and family.

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