Top 5 Motivational Speakers of the World

Top 5 Motivational Speakers of the World

Life needs motivation in very various aspects and it is the sole thing which always keeps your heart up and running even in bad times. Motivation is not just the name of giving hope, but it is the name of inspiring yourself to achieve desired goals in life. Motivation can be in learning strategies, building confidence, or wearing an attire, you just have to take inspiration. Let’s take advantage of Organization 13 Coat that is available on BLJ.

Motivational speakers are the ones who give you inspiration defining the real checks of life. They offer real incidents of their lives to give the audience the motivation of some facts. In this way, a listener engages better with them and understands the significance of life even in bad times.

So, have you ever thought who has motivated you in your difficult time? He/she may be your friend, teacher or a professional motivational speaker. We all know that behind every successful individual, there is someone who has made him attain heights of success.

Top 5 Motivational Speakers of the World
Top 5 Motivational Speakers of the World

You might have attended the informative sessions and seminars with the speakers for your grooming. So, are that individual who speaks in front of you for the purpose of getting you motivated to do something more with your lives? And have you taken inspiration with it? These questions definitely vary while briefing about the motivational speakers. You all are aware that speakers are responsible for the promotion of their motivational speeches to ensure that they are well-attended events. If their duty is to motivate their audience, then it should be assured that the learning which they give to their audience interacts with their real-life problems. So that they can engage better and can grind the given facts in their mind.

Let’s discuss some of the amazing motivational speakers of the world who have inspired many of the audience with their quality of work, knowledge, and experiences.


Video: Robin Sharma motivational video

Robin Sharma was a qualified and successful lawyer who has written 15 books from 1995-2011 on the motive of leadership and self-help. His popular book is “The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari” which has sold over 5 million copies. He deserved to be on the list of motivational speakers, but he is also known to be the best motivational author and robin Sharma motivational speaker. Many of the people have taken inspiration with his experiences and the style of delivering the content.

“Take the stones people to throw at you and use them to build a monument.” Robin Sharma quote


You all are definitely aware of one of the famous Nick Vujicic who is born with no arms and no legs. He is a man who loves to live a life of joy. Nick teaches the importance of never giving up; in fact, you will not find quitting in his dictionary. He says, instead of focusing on what you cannot do, concentrate on what you can do. As he has a good sense of humor, that’s why we will find some funny thoughts in his speeches.

“Some injuries heal more quickly if you keep moving.” Nick Vujicic quotes


One of the amazing speakers who is famous worldwide is Brian Tracy. He is a chairman and CEO of Brian Tracy International company. His objective is to help you to achieve your personal and business goals faster and easier than you ever imagined. The best achievement of Brian is that, as a keynote speaker, he addresses more than 250,000 people each year.

“Whatever we expect with confidence becomes our own self-fulfilling prophecy.” – Brian Tracy quotes


Zig Ziglar is the famous speaker in the world who has faced many difficulties in his life for example at the age of 5 he lost his father and sister. He has become the vice president for the Automotive Performance Company. He started taking part in motivational seminars and also wore the first book in 1975 named “See You at the Top”. After a lot of hard work, he has become one of the best motivational speakers in the world.

“Success comes when opportunity meets preparation.” Zig Ziglar


Tony Robbins is a passionate speaker who loves helping people to achieve their goals and to get more achievements out of their lives. He begins his speeches by starting with basics such as what you want to get in your life and why you want to achieve that particular goal. After that, he continues with his techniques and concept that helps in achieving the goal. He is definitely a great inspiration for the audiences who learn from him.

“Life is a gift, and it offers us the privilege, opportunity, and responsibility to give something back by becoming more.” – Tony Robbins

From the above described motivational speakers in the world, whom you will choose as your ideal? All the speakers have the best skills, knowledge, and moral values that will help you in every aspect of your life. This list may not include everyone who has made a major impact in motivating others to change, but it will give you an opportunity to search your best inspirational lecturer to bring a positive change in your life.

You can follow the above-shown orators by searching their reading stuff and motivational videos mentioned on YouTube. If you are also interested in conducting lectures then you might become one of the amazing speakers of your time. So, amazed your audience by developing your appearance and be an ideal personality for them. You can try wearing a Venom Jacket that is available on and you will definitely love to wear it.

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